What is OnePageX.com?

OnePageX.com is an amazing online tool to quickly convert cryptocurrencies! OnePageX.com has over 140 cryptocurrencies listed. More importantly, STEEM has been integrated as a base asset!

What does it mean to have STEEM as a fully integrated asset? It means that you can convert STEEM to any of the 140+ cryptocurrencies instantly!

How to use OnePageX.com

Step 1: Pick the cryptocurrencies you want to trade!

Step 2: Enter your withdrawal address (In this case we are converting STEEM to LTC so we type in an LTC address)

Step 3: Following the instructions, deposit the amount of STEEM you want to convert and observe the status indicator at the bottom of the card for transaction progress!

OnePageX.com Widget — OneBox

Do you have a website? Want to offer your visitors an altcoin converter? No problem! The OneBox is easy to implement with a simply copy paste of some code! The user never leaves your website, as everything happens inside the widget!