Why HR Needs a Digital Document Management Platform

Too many HR departments still rely on paper-based processes, even though the same work can be managed digitally. Adopting a digital document management platform is not merely a trend in the digitization of workplaces; instead, digital document management brings many added benefits that allow HR to focus on more value-added tasks and strategy development.

Simplify Paperwork to Improve Employee Experience

Don’t stress employees out with too much paperwork.

Research from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) finds that 48% of HR executives say that a lot of documents for employee onboarding are processed as paper documents, while 32% say the same for policies and procedure administration.

Using paper processes tends to make HR processes seem bulky and unwelcoming to employees, particularly in an age where new hires increasingly find and apply to jobs digitally, finds Pew Research Center.

A user-friendly digital document management platform creates a smoother experience for the employee, particularly when that digitization enables automation, even with simple actions such as populating the current date. This experience makes onboarding less mundane and allows employees to spend less time on paperwork. HR can then use that additional time in a more valuable way to improve overall employee experience.

For example, if new hires spend less time on onboarding paperwork, HR can dedicate more time to actually orienting the employee to the company, such as taking the new hire and his or her team out to lunch. Actions like these can help employees feel more connected within the organization, which is important considering that nearly two-thirds of dissatisfied employees say they do not feel valued, according to CareerBuilder.

Reduce Paper, Reduce Waste

In addition to improving employee experience, reducing paper-based processes also allows HR departments to reduce costs and waste.

Improving the environmental footprint of a company through paper reduction, for instance, can be incorporated into an HR team’s recruiting strategy, considering that employees increasingly care about their organization’s commitment to sustainability.

So instead of having to print out a new policy each time it gets updated and taking the time to have employees sign it, HR can update a digital document and simply push that update out to employees. One Paper Lane’s Acknow allows HR to digitally send documents for review to employees, and with the click of a button, employees can acknowledge that they accept the policy. This digital process also ties into improving employee experience, since it also less hassle for employees.

Moreover, managing paper costs money not only in terms of printing, but also in terms of time spent preparing, organizing and looking for documents. If an HR department needs to hire an admin just to handle paperwork, that could cost more than using a digital document management platform. And that admin could be put to better use, such as working with the marketing department on social media to show more of what the company is all about, or scheduling check-ins with employees to discuss career planning.

See How One Paper Lane Improves HR

All different types of HR teams have adopted One Paper Lane’s automated platform to digitally manage documents in a centralized, efficient fashion, which is helpful for companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a startup that wants to ensure new hires have a seamless onboarding experience or a global enterprise that needs to manage policies around the world, One Paper Lane replaces the frustration of paperwork with happiness and helps HR thrive.

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