VACTERL Association

I was born with a condition called VACTERL Association. Basically, it is a cluster of anomalies within the body systems. To be ‘diagnosed’ with this condition, you have to have three anomalies. I was “blessed” with the V, A, C, TE, and I suspect L (they didn’t have L when I was born). I didn’t develop this condition like most people develop conditions, I was born with it. This is the only life that I know.

At two days old I went for my first surgery and I didn’t see outside the walls of a hospital for six weeks. And even then, it was only for a short time until I had to return because something else happened. I turned blue, I had paralyzed vocal chords. You name it, I probably have had it. I think the only place I haven’t had surgery are my hands.

And the kicker? I’m the only one in my family to have it. My sisters are fine, my parents are fine, and their families are fine (except for one uncle who had a hole in his heart). In general, no one knows where this condition comes from. They don’t know if it’s genetic (not likely) or whether it’s a mutation. People all over the world have this condition and it keeps coming up. We’re not any closer to finding out where it comes from or why.

So, here I am living with this condition because, really, what else am I supposed to do? But, like I said, I’m not going to be resentful about it anymore. It is what it is and I’m okay with it. I promise :)


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