I love your response — so many great thoughts in here!
Teresa Colon

Again you have articulated my simple theology. Tuesday I attended our local Interfaith Festival of Thanksgiving, which I have performed with the past three years. Mormons (my original tribe, now divorced), Episcopalians, Methodists, several varieties of Catholics, Hindu, Bahai, Science of Mind, Jewish, Muslim, Salvation Army and several shamanic practitioners including a sound bath from a Reiki practitioner with her crystal bowls. In other words, my family. I was once an ordained minister and taught New Testament in Seminary so I have more than a passing working knowledge of the Bible in several translations. I appreciate Jesus for the life he led and the choices he made that taught by example. Some of my gay friends tease that he had to be gay since he was always at dinner parties and hung around with societal rejects. Interesting point but not well-supported. Keep up the tiny voice in the wilderness. Some people are listening.

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