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The Game Changer: Non Fungible Tokens

From Art Collection(Cryptopunks, BAYC), Game(Axie Infinity), Sports(NBA Top Shot) to Metaverse(Decentraland) there is no doubt that NFT is one of the most trending topics in various fields.
As Ethereum’s rally accelerates, the number of individuals interested in the crypto ecosystem is skyrocketing, to the extent where companies that are not based on blockchain models are starting to keep an eye on this phenomena.
We are even seeing fashion(Gucci), food(Tacobell), and legacy auction houses(Christie’s) jumping on the NFT opportunity, backing up on the statement that NFTs are creating a stir for a reason.

To follow this trend, Terrans are also putting effort into launching NFT Protocols like Terraworld, Derbystars and Hero. However, in order to activate these NFTs, a solid marketplace like OpenSea must be supported within Terra.

Our Goals

To launch a decentralized NFT marketplace called “Oneplanet” that provides the ultimate user-friendly experience, allowing individuals to easily adapt NFTs into their daily lives.
Our goal is to lower the entry barriers for trading and minting NFTs.

1. For Protocol Developers

  • Relieves the burden of resources to develop their own marketplace, by providing customized UI for each protocol

2. For Creators (Minters)

  • Provides a creating tool that enables creators who are not familiar with code to mint their own NFT simply (even if they mint bundle or collection)
  • Prevents duplicate NFT of the same item by using an AI-powered detector

3. For Buyers

  • Allows quick search on NFT by optimizing UX/UI and smart sorting based on AI
  • Secures reliability by providing information including ‘creator’, ‘transaction history’ for every NFT

4. For Sellers

  • Suggests an ideal price for the item based on the trading history of the most similar NFT

Why Terra?

A true decentralized marketplace only exists when the trades are based on decentralized stablecoins. And that’s why we build OnePlanet on Terra.

Terra’s stablecoin, UST also has the ability to lower entry barriers:

  • Easier in comparing market values with other real world values (USD etc.)
  • Lower risk in price volatility of coins or tokens like ETH

In addition, Terra can make a massive cost reduction on insanely high gas fee in the marketplace.

What’s Next?

OnePlanet will foster new ‘NFT Protocols’ and ‘Creators’ based on the well-architected marketplace. Discussions are already taking place with counterparties that share the same vision and goal.

Who wants to create a masterpiece with us that exceeds the value of all existing NFTs?

“NFT has not even started yet.”

About Team

Product Manager (1)

  • Experience in private equity, business consulting, accounting firm, and fashion house.
    B.Eng of industrial engineering and B.S of Design.

Designer (1)

  • Early team member of the largest high-end collectibles company in South Korea (to be listed on the KOSDAQ this December).
    Experts in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Rhino 3D, Keyshot.

Marketer (1)

  • Currently working as marketing specialist at FAANG.
    Experience in digital marketing in a variety of industries.
    Studied Communications, Design and Digital arts.

Developers (5)

  • Smart contract dev in Rust
    AI dev in Python Tensorflow/pytorch
    Computer vision top conference/journal author
    AI start-up dev
    Computer vision AI pursuing ph.D
  • Smart contract dev in Rust, Solidity
    AI dev in Python Tensorflow/pytorch
    Computer vision AI pursuing M.S degree
  • Currently working as a Fixed Income market analyst
    Experience in real estate robo-advisor startup company
    Mainly use Node.js and R to formulate price models
    Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Currently working as a Front-end engineer in a real estate investment platform.
    Experience in the overall design and implementation of the client part of the web.
    Mainly use javascript, typescript, react.js, next.js and redux.
    Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Currently working as a DevOps & Backend engineer in a k8s-based cloud platform.
    Mainly use Node.js, go, k8s, linux, c/c++.

Join the movement

More information will be released in the coming weeks and months.
You are welcome to join the OnePlanet community.
Follow the project’s progress and engage with the team:



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