Best of Community! Our Top Picks for Round 2.

May 25, 2018 · 5 min read

In this past round of Let’s Talk, we came across a breadth of wisdom, kindness and expertise. Here’s taste of the talent that flows through the OnePlus Community forums every day.

@NeVer_SeTTLe — “If you could design a line of accessories for your OnePlus device…”

When you buy a smartphone, the first thing you do is unpack it. After that you try to handle with care to not let it drop, get scratched, beaten or chewed up by your dog! So what is missing? Protection!! Every user buys some kind of accessory for their device, ranging from protection all the way to some awesome audiophiles dream come true headphones. We need it, we want it, and we buy it!

Some accessories that would be a wonderful addition to the OnePlus lineup are as follows:

1. Phone dock — Imagine you sitting at your office or even at home and you want to dock your OnePlus device. This phone dock would be made out of the same material which you guys ship our OnePlus devices to us in — the box. @opolis000 gave us this idea at the Stockholm Open Ears Customer Service Forum. So the idea is to make from the OnePlus Box a phone dock:

As you can see, it is possible ;) The phone dock would also include one USB port and a wire hole to put the wires from your OnePlus device.

2. Dash Charge Power Bank — Why stop with only a regular Dash Charge Cable and Adapter for our device? Let’s take it further by giving users a 10,000mAh Dash Charger Power Bank to give us more juice throughout the day — when we are out taking pictures or when we go traveling for over the weekend. Nothing beats a mini sized portable Dash Charge Power Bank on the go!

@ravijain87 — “What’s the best and worst feature you’ve ever seen in a smartphone?”

This is an interesting question for me. On reflection a smartphone in today’s world is: A phone, a texting device, an email client, a calculator, a calendar, a watch, an alarm, a weather service, a news service, a sat nav, a social media client, a shop (where you can buy anything available in the world), a camera, a camcorder, a health tracker, a flashlight, a portable TV, a radio, a payment solution and potentially so much more whilst having access to the entirety of the worlds combined knowledge through the internet (some might say £499 isn’t a bad price to pay for a phone with all that…). These devices already do so much and have the capability to do so much more!

Best Features: Quick Charging Technology: This for me has been a real benefit when using smart phones. I would particularly call out Dash Charging technology from OnePlus. Before using it, it didn’t see that it could be “so much better” than Quick Charge 3 from Qualcomm which was in my previous device. However, having the ability to charge your phone so quickly, and also not have heat issues meaning you can use GPS on your phone whilst connected to Bluetooth is a major advantage!

Fingerprint sensors: This is again, something I held out for, for a long time as I didn’t trust it. However, once I tried it out, I realised how much better it is from a general user interface point of view. By the time I have picked up my phone, the phone is unlocked (subject to having the fingerprint sensor in an intuitive place). This doesn’t sacrifice on security as no one else can fake your fingerprint (or at least not very easily).

@Shivang Joshi — “How do you customize your device for perfect form and function?”

So, Android lets you customize your software experience in a ton of ways and that’s the reason I like it a lot. Also, there are a few ways to customize our device externally as well. So, let me first start with my external customization options for perfect form and function.

External Customizations: dbrand Grip/Bumper Case: So, recently I received my dbrand Grip and I have to say that it does its job perfectly. As the name suggests, it has a better Grip than any other case I have ever used. Being a bumper case, it does not hide the beauty of my device. Also, the normal function of a case is to provide protection to our device and it would be able to do that. I haven’t drop tested my device with the Grip, but I am pretty sure it would be protecting my device from normal drops. For my complete review of this, you should click here.

Skins: Skins are one of the best ways to customize your device externally as per your liking. They do the job of protecting our devices from minor scratches as well as allows us to get a better hold of our device. I chose dbrand Grip over regular cases as it won’t hide the look of my skin, and my device would be protected as well.

Software Customizations: Every android device manufacturer has their own UI. Several UI have a ton of features, but it ends up compromising on the performance. This is where I feel OnePlus has done it well. Also, if you want to have much more customizations, you can always root your device and install custom ROMs and modules.

@Cheetosdust — “What’s the best life advice you’ve ever gotten?”

During my life, a few people have told me even fewer words that still echo inside of me. Not only the words, but the moment and the feelings attached to them. I can lie and dance around the figure of being impune to periods less than ideal; I can pretend I lived my life without my knee touching the ground.

But when my knee was on the ground when the sun was nothing but a warm coat to the shoulders of the others, when someone was all the humanity to me and looked me in the eyes. The expression of a helping ladder, all the books in the world with that look, that’s still a snapshot of a friendship. And she said:

- Always search between the rubble.

And left me with my thoughts. She was still there by my side, but she knew all it was needed was silence. There’s always a sense of an organized bookshelf when an advice clicks with you, at least for me. In the next ten minutes, it was like I could actually feel all those cloudy and gray feelings being rearranged. Two humans frozen and just feeling, side by side, like a warmth celestial hug was hugging them, was hugging us, was immortalizing a friendship beyond two beating hearts — because these are the moments that can live even with a beating heart and a memory.

And then, then she looked at me again and added:

- Even when you are under it.

That was the whole advice that still is the best life advice I ever gotten. “Always search between the rubble, even when you are under it”.

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