Shot on OnePlus: Edit Like a Pro

What makes OnePlus special, is our community. And we can say without a doubt that our community is filled with creative minds from all parts of the globe. We took some time to scout for exciting members on Instagram with uniquely styled images and were overwhelmed by the amount of talent out there.

Since day one we have worked with amazing photographers who have helped us improve on every aspect of our cameras. With so many brilliant community members shooting on OnePlus devices, we decided to ask a couple of our partners to give us some insight on how they edit their shots in our new series ‘Shot on OnePlus: Edit Like a Pro’. In the series, each photographer hosts an episode where they explain some of their shooting and editing techniques.

Photos from left to right: Manu Nevraumont, Den Brooks, Benny Mathew

First, we have Manu Espinosa Nevraumont (@manumanuti) from Mexico who sees himself more as a passionate Instagrammer than a photographer. His stunning travel and street images from all over the world are beautifully edited and thoughtfully framed.
Next, we have Javin Lau (@javin_lau), a street photographer from Toronto and long-time friend of OnePlus with a passion for urban settings and whose work exudes a sense of nostalgia. 
We also spoke to Den Brooks (@denbrooks), a lifestyle and travel photographer from Montreal. He is a true artist with an intuitive eye for light, which makes his work striking and memorable. And lastly, Benny Mathew (@bennymathew), an architecture and street photographer from India who took first prize in our recent #seemycity competition with his stunning series on cityscapes.

Out of the four shooters, long-time fan, Benny Mathew, is our latest collaborator. His sharp eye for architecture and quick shooting street photography skills resonate with our audience, but it’s his exceptional talent for long-exposure photography that makes him stand out. By consistently using the right hashtags on Instagram (#ShotonOnePlus, #OnePlus), Benny’s fresh approach to framing images helped us notice him. The fact that he only applies minimal editing to his high-quality images was one of the big reasons we liked his work.

Photos from left to right: Javin Lau, Benny Mathew, Den Brooks

Not only is he a talented photographer, but he also frequently comments on our IG posts and engages with the OnePlus community on various other channels. As a result, we soon came to know him as a local and it wasn’t long before we invited him to become a collaborator.

Armed with only a phone and a deep-rooted passion for photography, these photographers have created awe-inspiring images. The quality of their work is a clear indication of where the art form is headed. In the same way that the Box Brownie first made photography available to the public, digital photography has become more accessible and sophisticated with advances in smartphone technology. We’re really proud of the remarkable, unaltered images that have been taken with our phones and knowing how to edit these in the right way allows them to have even more impact.

So, if you’re interested in improving your photo-editing skills on a mobile phone, have a look at what these Instagrammers are doing and share your photos and experiences with us.