How to select the perfect Estate Agents North London

Selling one’s property is a difficult job for numerous reasons and a lot of things may go wrong. Something one could do at the outset that will help to reduce the wear on one’s nerves and lead to a successful sale at a fantastic price is selecting the most effective Estate Agents North London.

Basic preparation

There are two issues to consider before vetting agents. First of all, lots of people find dealing with agents daunting. This can be overcome if one keeps in mind that the agent works for the client and he or she wants and needs to sell houses. It’s therefore the customer who has all the power. Secondly, by doing a little research one will get off to a great start. An important factor is selling cost and one should have a realistic sense of this before even speaking to agents. One could do so by checking the asking prices for similar properties in the community both online and at agencies.

Once one has a clear sense of realistic costs one can arrange to obtain evaluations from estate agents. Agents that propose an assessment that’s too high are not a good bet; all too often a property will sit on the market for an extended period before being sold for a reduced price anyway. Valuations that are way below the area standard are a bad sign because the agent may just be in a rush to move properties and earn commission.

Lastly, one should ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations of agents who may be called in for discussions and valuations.

Guidelines for selecting estate agents

There are a number of things that one should look for when booking agents:

- The agent should have knowledge and practical experience

- They need to have a good reputationand / or a strong brand

- They should be experienced with selling similar properties

- Their website must be professional

- They need to be accredited members of professional bodies such as the Guild of Professional Estate Agents and the National Association of Estate Agents

- They should hold relevant qualifications

- They should offer a realistic valuation

- They should not enforce sole selling rights.

Questions to ask prospective estate agents

- What is their track record in terms of sales in the area?

- What are their working hours?

- What will be their strategy be for the property?

- What are their commissions and fees and are they flexible?

- Do their fees include all other expenses related to selling the property?

- Are they members of an accredited ombudsman service?

- What kind of contract do they use?

- Will they accompany potential buyers on viewings?

It’s important that one trusts and likes the estate agent that they choose. Once one has chosen their Estate Agents North London, it’s crucial that one inspects the contract carefully before signing. If one has concerns or questions they should be dealt with before a legal contract is finalised to refrain from problems afterward. Ring 020 7339 3073 to learn more or go over to this link

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