Why Is It Beneficial To Buy A Luxurious Apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata?

One Rajarhat
Jul 30 · 4 min read

Do you wish to upgrade your living standards in Kolkata by escaping out of this concrete jungle into a land of luxury? Well, in this congested city there is still a place with minimal crowds and ample amount of opulence: the Rajarhat area. Flats in Rajarhat offers you with all the comfort and luxury one can dream of.

But why Rajarhat?

The growing commercial area of Kolkata that witnesses the new age living, provides one with the best of facilities and amenities. Rajarhat lies in the extreme North of Kolkata, but that doesn’t prevent it from being well connected with other parts of the city. In fact, that’s the plus point of Rajarhat.


Because due to its location, all the houses, residential projects with luxurious flats have enough free space between them, making the area much less clumsy. It serves as an escape from the noisy streets and industrial set up like that of the rest of Kolkata. This well maintained township lies near the Kolkata International Airport that offers easy conveyance and high-class facilities to its dwellers.

Rajarhat, initially, was an agriculture-based land, the main source of survival being the cultivated field. However, in due course, a lot of companies came in and found this to be a convenient place to commercialize. Companies like Jones Lang LaSalle, Wipro were the first few to set up companies in Rajarhat. Presently, it is known as a smart green city which is a project of Sh. Gautam Deb from the Government of West Bengal. And at present the project is taking new heights of becoming a dream settlement to nestle in.

Perks of Living in Rajarhat

luxury apartments in Kolkata
luxury apartments in Kolkata


The township is strategically built in a way to provide easy connectivity to the whole city and outside as it is close to the Kolkata International Airport as well. The location of this place is a major plus point as it stands quite separated from the hubbub of the city yet provides easy connection to the rest of the city. Not only does it connect the township to the rest of Kolkata but also it is precisely planned, thereby providing interconnected roads that connects the blocks with each other. There are autos and rickshaws that help you to travel within the township.

luxury apartments in Kolkata
luxury apartments in Kolkata


The Buildings here are not densely packed, therefore providing enough space to breathe. The whole township is well decorated and well lit so much so that it appears to glitter at night. It is sparsely populated and is equipped with shanties and varieties of stores providing convenience to the residents. The township tops the list of luxury apartments in Kolkata. Anyone searching for luxury home in Kolkata can easily reach out to this place as it offers a number of stays like the One Rajarhat by Anik Industries Limited to reside in.

Nearby Places

Since the place has now been commercialized, there are educational institutions like Delhi Public School, St. Xaviers’ University and Amity University. Beside educational institutions, the township has also become a hub for IT companies like Unitec, SectorV and Ecospace, healthcare centres within the locale like Ohio, Tata Medical Centre etc. It is equipped with entertainment places like Axis Mall, Central or City Centre 2, all of which are at your reach, giving you all the benefits of living in a place near shopping malls. So, living in the flats in Rajarhat will serve your purpose of entertainment as well as day to day requirements.

luxury residential complex in Kolkata
luxury residential complex in Kolkata

Smart City

What separates Rajarhat from any other township is its advancement. The township is also known as a smart city due to a number of reasons like its accommodation and facilities. But one of the main features about this place is Pedl- a cycle rental service. If you wonder what is unique about cycle rental service then let us brief you a little on this. Pedl is an online cycle rental service provided by the car rental company Zoomcar in alliance with New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) providing easy conveyance to travel within the township.

Besides all these, the township is the home to the first Hanging Restaurant in Kolkata the Biswa Bangla Gate or the Kolkata Gate, which adds beauty and uniqueness to this place. The Government of Bengal has given special attention beautifying this place. The Ecopark and Mother’s Wax Museum has added to its tourism. Such elements together make Rajarhat a beneficial place to buy luxurious flats. So, if you are searching for Luxurious Apartments in Kolkata, you may consider this place as it provides some of the best and well equipped 3 and 4 BHK flats in Rajarhat.

One Rajarhat

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Being developed by the Anik Industries, ONE RAJARHAT is the premium & luxurious residential project in Kolkata, perfectly nestled with luxury and comfort.

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