Security Signs — And Where To Put Them

Security is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. The more you have, the more people are going to want to take. One of the most popular solutions to deterring possible thieves is placing a set of teeth in your front yard — in the form of a security sign. But the most important question arises…where should it go?

The basic formula when it comes to securing your home is simple. Deter thieves by letting them know they’re being watched. Visibly large outdoor cameras are one possible solution, but a much more common and far less expensive solution is smaller cameras supplemented by a simple yet effective yard sign. Signs are cheap, simple, and you can move them around based on your needs. Yard signs are very common as a countermeasure to theft and burglary, letting criminals know they’re going to have a tough time getting into your home before they make an attempt.

Think about the size of your home when determining your sign placement. Putting it right up against a window or main entryway may seem like the smartest place, but it’s a more intuitive idea to not let the criminals get even that far before being deterred by your sign. If your home is recessed from the street with a main driveway or walkway, put it as a first line of defense right up against the street. Criminals will look for homes without signs protecting them as their potential targets — and with a strong defense of security signs, that no longer will include your home.

Hopefully the company that is providing your sign has a knack for aesthetics. Sign design is very important, especially when it’s going to be taking up a large portion of your visitors first impressions. A good looking sign can blend in seamlessly, while still standing out to the people that its calling to stay away. Placement can also be greatly affected by aesthetics as some signs fit in different places of land much better than others. Your sign installer should be taking this into account while finding a great balance of functionality and curb appeal.

Security signs are not a one size fits all solution. Every home can always have more than one. Usually they’re meant to coincide with the placement of small but visible window and door signs to ensure possible burglars that have broken through the first line of defense still have a chance to change their mind before making a huge mistake. Most companies will gladly hand out more than one sign (especially for homes large enough to have side or back entrances that also need protecting), along with as many stickers as you’d like. Thankfully most companies design them tastefully enough to not look like a huge advertisement but instead as the deterrent they’re intended to be.

In a home with large camera setups (we’ve discussed this in a previous article), signs don’t need to overlap with the cameras — they’re visible enough on their own. The signs should stand their ground by a front gate or front of yard, so the cameras can do their own work without signs blocking the view they have. Sometimes it is possible to do a bit too much, so keep in mind what an outside viewer would see when thinking of placement.

Unfortunately signs and stickers aren’t a complete solution for protecting your home. In the Bay Area region of California, there’s a very large problem with package theft. The peninsula city of Atherton has experienced a large increase in this problem over the last few years, changing its reputation of one of the safest places to live in America. Similar problems have been experienced in Hillsborough, another wealthy enclave nestled in the Peninsula region. It’s very important to make sure cameras can cover the angles needed to reduce this issue, while thieves are still a bit less likely to target the homes without any signs or stickers showing their teeth to the brazen intruders. A healthy combination of all types of security is always a proven choice, and your security company should be able to help you find the best balance to cover all bases.

If you’re in a situation where you’re considering some new security countermeasures, signs are a very safe bet to begin. No matter where you’re located, crime will always follow, even something as small yet annoying as package theft can cause massive headaches to a homeowner. Always remember they’re best supplemented by a strong system of cameras and alarm coverage. Signs can help make the difference between needing some very menacing and expensive cameras, or some small and realistic cameras, in both affordability and aesthetic. Check with your provider and get yours — so that the thieves will stay away.

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