First BXA Global Investor Conference Held in Singapore

Recently, the management from BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance) held the first investor conference to reveal how BXA will revolutionize digital finance and create a more inclusive financial system. The event was graced by the attendance of the Korean Ambassador — Ahn Young-jip, President of Korean Association — Noh Chong-Hyun, Kim Bo-Hyun — President of Industrial Bank of Korea (Singapore) and several industry leaders of the financial sector.

Dr Byung Gun Kim

Dr Byung Gun Kim, a board member of BXA and the largest shareholder of Bithumb, shared about the success in operation of Bithumb and how he had been a shareholder in Bithumb. Then Mr Kangho Kim, Director and Board Member of BXA, delivered a business presentation on the two core business verticals — Exchange Alliance and Payment Gateway.

Blockchain is a key technology related to the development of the future world, and the Token economy will establish new production relation and business modes. Dr Byung Gun Kim said, “Thanks to blockchain, we are witnessing the digitization of assets. This transformation is inevitable. In the coming few years, we will see greater adoption and expansion by government organizations and institutions. Currently, we are still at the very early stage of blockchain development and BXA is at the forefront for the adoption of blockchain technology.”

About BXA

BXA is a global exchange alliance. Under the support of several exchanges including Bithumb, BXA will establish a cross-regional crypto asset trading platform and form a global financial service net.

To provide global financial service in compliance, BXA has obtained Fiat channels and compliance licenses in more than ten countries, and established 12 local entities around the world (US, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Peru).

In addition, working closely with ONEROOT, a blockchain technology service provider, BXA has developed a complete set of technical solutions, including distributed centralized exchanges, distributed decentralized exchanges, high-performance public chain, one-stop user terminals (wallets). As a result, BXA members from different countries and regions can share transaction data securely, continue to be compliant with local regulations, and complete clearing and settlements quickly to maximize the trading depth and liquidity. Members of BXA are able to share the resources of the Alliance and gain rapid growth.

As a technology-oriented digital financial institution, BXA places huge emphasis on regulatory compliance and plans to leverage our global network of cryptocurrency exchanges as a pivot. Our existing infrastructure, such as fiat-to-crypto currency gateways, financial licenses and massive userbase, enables BXA to break through the high technical threshold, create fiat-to-crypto trading platforms with deep liquidity, and offer a wealth of digital financial services (such as crypto assets trading, real-time payment network, security token offering and circulation, and other financial derivatives). In the end, BXA will establish a smart economy with efficient value transfer to provide global users with secure and compliant digital financial services.


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