Fourth Shot of Rocket Plan: RNT Is To Be Listed on Several Well-known Digital Assets Exchanges

Fourth shot of Rocket Plan comes with overwhelming momentum! ONEROOT has achieved another breakthrough in its global strategy, with another expansion of the RNT trading landscape. Today, RNT will be listed on six more digital assets trading platforms — TOKOK, Influence Exchange, 6X, bitget, and Bhaoex — successively. The starting time of transaction will be announced in the community the first time. Stay tuned!

The following is a detailed introduction and the addresses of the six trading platforms. Welcome to take a look and there will be benefits when RNT is listed on them.

TOKOK( is a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange platform. With the professional management team, trading system supported by advanced technology, strict capital management system and considerate services, TOKOK is dedicated to building a world-class Cryptocurrency exchange platform to provide cryptocurrency trading services for users. To celebrate the listing, users who trade RNT (RNT/USDT, RNT/ETH) on TOKOK will have the opportunity to receive a reward of 10,000 RNT.

Influence Exchange ( is a digital assets trading platform built by Influence Chain. The core judging criterion of INEX for blockchain projects is based on influence value for influence is an intangible asset. The core logic of the influence economy is to transform virtual capital into commercial value, and transform the flow of people, objects, capital and information behind the influence into wealth through the accumulation of assets formed by numerous application ecology.

The Singapore 6x Digital Assets Trading Platform( is headquartered in the Singapore Financial District, the Asian Financial Window. 6X Exchange is officially launched on March 10, 2018, focusing on improving the flow of blockchain assets and the circulation of cryptocurrency. The platform technology, operations, products, and risk control teams are composed of the world’s top blockchain experts and network security specialists. is the world’s leading community multi-governance digital assets trading platform. As part of the digital financial brand bitget Group, is committed to providing the most secure, high-quality digital asset trading, management and financial services to users worldwide. Currently, it has provided services of digital asset management, cryptocurrency trading, OTC trading and financial service such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. bitget has acquired investment from top Investment institutions in 2018 and quickly becomes one of the trading platforms with fastest growth in users and the best experience.

Bhaoex ( is a blockchian digital assets trading platform built by a group of investment bankers who are committed to solving the liquidity of physical assets, improving the appreciation efficiency of inefficient assets, and rescuing distressed enterprises from the “Be Extracted Mode”. Headquartered in Singapore, Bhaoex is the first exchange to make physical assets on the chain for asset optimization. With a multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture and the high performance matching engine technology up to 1.4 million orders/second , Bhaoex is quite safe and fast.

In addition, ONEROOT will continue to promote the listing of RNT on other trading platforms. Rockets Plan will never stop. Stay tuned.


1. Which trading platforms do you hope RNT to be listed on?

2. Guess which trading platform RNT will be listed on next?