Happiness @ Workplace

Why are you not Happy at Workplace ?

Your Values not matched with your Job Values.

In order to be Happy at workplace,Match your values .

Why you get frustrated with your Work ?

You focus most of the time at the results. You wait for your salary. You wait for lunch time .You just want to finish your Meetings. You just want to finish your projects.

Instead of focusing on results , focus on Process. More you focus on process, More Interest will grow at work.

How to cultivate love for boring Work ?

Develop same values but it is not easy . Mind does not want to accept change . Do it again and again .Slowly and Slowly mind will accept it.You will start loving it .

But time will come when everything will be same again. Same Boredom and Frustration. For such time , to keep joy at work is only possible through Innovation . More you will Innovate your working style ,More you will fall in love with work.