Why does OneSolution mint own coin?

Oct 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear readers! Solvo — our own cryptocurrency — is one of the features of the OneSolution project. Why did we decide to issue the currency? What does it give to the project and its participants? What are its advantages? In this article you will find answers to these questions.

The implementation of the decentralized OneSolution Fund management mechanism and the distribution of dividends are the primary functions of Solvo. Thanks to Solvo the Fund’s participants can vote on all the Fund’s activities. At the same time, the power of the vote of each participant corresponds to the share of his coins in the total number of coins generated by the time of voting.

Regarding to dividend payments, it is important to note that the profit share per coin does not dilute as new coins are created. The maximum issue volume is limited to Solvo. 70% of the Fund’s profits are directed to the payment of dividends on a quarterly basis, and the profit is distributed to all coins. In the case of already issued coins, dividends are paid to their holders, and the profit accruing to the still unmined coins is returned to the Fund and reinvested. Thus, the profit share per coin remains unchanged, and until the mining is completed the Fund will be replenished by reinvesting part of the profit.

This is not only one Solvo coin feature. The system of automatic deductions from mining to the Fund’s portfolio is another unique feature of the project’s coin. It works as follows: a public miner generates a coin and its part automatically goes to internal system wallets intended for internal funds of the Fund and managed by the community of participants. Initially the share of deductions is 10%, but then it gradually increases to 30%. That is, initially with each Solvo coin created, 0.9 Solvo goes to the miner and 0.1 Solvo goes to the Fund. And at the last stage of mining, the miner and the foundation will receive 0.7 and 0.3 Solvo, respectively. This will ensure a continuous expansion of the portfolio and growth of the Fund’s capitalization in combination with the prospect of increasing of the rate of Solvo.

And these are not all of the features and advantages of Solvo coin. The system we have built makes the project’s coin an attractive financial tool.

First, the quarterly payment of dividends significantly increases the demand for coins and provides a high level of volatility. In turn, high volatility brings traders profit.

Second, the cost of Solvo is determined not only by the market situation, but also has a direct connection with the capitalization of the Fund. This limits the minimum level of the coin price and opens up colossal prospects for its value to grow.

All this makes Solvo an unique coin, a coin that is interesting both for the project participants and miners, active traders and long-term investors aimed to diversify their portfolios with low-risk cryptoactive assets.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a coin holder on the most favorable terms. In addition to discounts and bonuses during the ICO, all investors will receive an additional bonus of 10% when exchanging OSF tokens for Solvo coins. Detailed information about the exchange can be found in subsequent articles.

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