Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

Here are three points I offer after almost 20 years trying to make higher education more innovative:

  1. Faculty and program leaders are often out of touch with requirements of the practical application of the degree they are offering.
  2. HR managers are often simply clearinghouses of candidates and if the jobs says a degree from a regionally accredited university the application will be dismissed without additional thought or consideration because a box could not be checked.
  3. Watch for the rise of the unaccredited, non-financial aid awarding schools that teach specific skills (programming, HVAC, mechanic) to start offering affordable, at least compared to a traditional college education, fast certification programs. These schools flourished in the late 70’s and 80’s but were driven out by the growing mantra of the cherished four-year degree. I believe that tide is changing.
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