The Secret to Ageless Beauty: Your Orgasm

Beauty is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world, especially among women. Whether you’re dropping moolah on an anti-aging facial, a cosmetic injectable, or a green-tea vitamin smoothie that promises to erase fine lines and all your other worries with a magic bullet of antioxidants, you’re probably — at least to a certain extent — seduced by all the magazine articles and scientific breakthroughs offering poker-faced promises about “40 being the new 20.”

We’re not saying the aforementioned approaches are all just snake oil, but we’ll let you in on a little secret. Beauty is a lot easier than you think.

Your most essential anti-aging secret is not going be found in a medical spa or health store, nor will it demand a monetary investment that will cost you an arm and a leg. It won’t require antiseptic environments or machines that look like torture devices — and nor will it transform you into a beauty junkie itching for your next Botox fix. In fact, it’s free. And it’s quite literally something you can find at your fingertips.

It’s your orgasm!

For centuries, everyone from the writers of ancient Taoist manuals (which recommended stuff like semen-swallowing and regular Kegel workouts to stay forever young and gorgeous) to Information Age medical pundits have touted the benefits of imbibing a regular cocktail of orgasm. (In fact, Dr. Oz once said that 200 orgasms a year, minimum, can knock off six years from your mug.)

Sexual healing as the ultimate panacea for all your ills, from worry lines to heart disease, encompasses a lot more than climaxes, of course. People say pregnant women ooze feminine beauty and that certain glow (chalk it up to hormones like oxytocin), but I urge you to shift your focus to other kinds of women — those easy-to-recognize live wires who are practically wearing their turn-on on their sleeves. These are the ones who’ve made orgasm and OM their daily multivitamin, and the result is a beauty that’s clear to see.

It’s a beauty that isn’t frozen or plastic or dictated by changing cultural standards. It’s a beauty that gets the blood flowing to vital parts of our bodies, amps up our energy, and makes us more irresistible than cover girls and runway models.

There is nothing about orgasm that offers a one-size-fits-all remedy. Whether you’re 25 or 75, OM and orgasm let your unique beauty rush to the surface for everyone to see, precisely because they eliminate the kind of distractions that keep us bogged down in our endless to-do list of staying gorgeous, young, and fit. Orgasm isn’t about the fuss; it takes the path of least resistance.

For one thing, orgasm the ultimate stress-killer. Orgasm and OM alleviate enormous amounts of stress through the release of oxytocin, which aids in optimal relaxation. During states of arousal, blood is also sent coursing through the body — which adds to stuff like fuller lips and breasts (minus the collagen injections or boob jobs). Also, the more oxytocin you produce, the less likely you’ll be susceptible to stress, since the “stress hormone,” cortisol, gets inhibited when you’re busy being loved up by your orgasm.

Being in a state of orgasm also increases the flow of endorphins through your body, which can eliminate everything from headaches to menstrual cramps. In other words, all those icky reasons we choose not to have sex in the first place are usually solved by getting down and letting our orgasm take over.

And as far as anti-aging goes, orgasm gives the body a necessary tune-up and removes the aches and pains we might associate with getting older. In fact, orgasm is kind of incredible when it comes to slashing in half your risk for things like heart attack, stroke, blood pressure, and heart disease. It also increases the production of immunoglobulin A, which boosts our immune system and helps ward off stuff like the common cold and any other illness that could leave us languishing in bed rather than feeling sexy. And of course, all that internal tinkering leads to some demonstrable external effects.

In general, sex can offer the same rigor (and attention and concentration, once you factor in the benefits of OM) as an hour of yoga, but the burning of calories might be more fun than getting locked into a downward dog pose! You’re using some frequently untouched core muscles during sex, which of course, factors into keeping your figure svelte and girlish.

Sexing up your anti-aging regimen is a must, because age-defying concealer’s got nothing on orgasm! Wearing that post-orgasm flush on your skin leads to a smoother complexion and lustrous locks. Considering that orgasm makes you emit lust-inducing pheromones (which are typically associated with youth and fertility) that’ll have you turning heads everywhere, you’ll be too busy having fun to buy into that old cliché that men only flock to younger women.

Because OM aims to put you in a state of orgasm at all times, whether you’re in the bedroom or not, it’s the ultimate recharge button. It offers some necessary rejuvenation and surrender — factors that help you stay young at heart and in body. Similar to really incredible sex, you can’t ultimately fake beauty by painting on a pretty face or finagling a few nips and tucks. In fact, you don’t have to wear something to look and feel younger — orgasm wears you instead! Orgasm leads to the kind of unself-conscious dismantling of inhibitions that makes you feel beautiful, young, and ready for whatever comes your way — and it will show.

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