AirShou Screen Recorder Download

With almost 3 million apps to choose from, you would think that iOS users would have everything they could possibly want. Unfortunately, although it is a large app store, it is very repetitive because Apple restricts what is and isn’t allowed in. Jailbreaking solved that problem for many but that is no longer an option; however, we do have the solution for you to download and install AirShou— AppValley is a third-party app installer offering plenty of modified apps and games to choose from including AirShou app.

What is AppValley ?

AppValley is the latest third-party iOS app installer to be released, an unofficial app store that is full to busting with content that Apple doesn’t allow in the store. There are tweaks from Cydia, paid apps from the app store for free, modified content like AirShou and CoolPixel app , and a great deal more besides, everything free and with no need to install a jailbreak first. Now that Cydia isn’t being updated as much as it used to be, many iOS users have found these app installers to be a great solution to getting some of the Cydia apps and, while they can’t replace the jailbreak store completely, they offer enough to make them worthwhile. AppValley is one of the most comprehensive, offering a deeper selection of content than most and, with the developers having placed it all into useful categories, it is also one of the easiest to use. AppValley offers content in the following categories:

  • Modified games
  • Modified apps like AirShou for iPad and iPhone
  • iPhone utility apps
  • older app versions
  • duplicated apps
  • premium app store content free like Spotify++

With all that to choose from, AppValley looks set to be one of the most popular app installers ever released.

How to Download AppValley :

AppValley is an easy installer to download and use but you won’t find it in the iOS app store , Apple won’t allow this kind of content to get in there. It is safe to use, and we have plenty of information about it and a download guide for you to follow; simply click the link below:

The jailbreak situation is nothing short of dire at the moment and it doesn’t look set to get any better in the future. To that end, installers like AppValley are the best we can get and, with plenty to make your choice from, it looks like being one of the most popular of all of them.

You won’t lose anything by trying it so download it and then follow us on Facebook for more updates.