PandaHelper Download Tutorial

Now that jailbreaking is on a serious decline, more and more of us are relying on third party app installers. Each offers a bit of Cydia, plenty of modified apps and games and all the paid app store content you want for free. For the Android apps, you need an installer called Panda Helper. An Android-only installer, the Panda Helper download is simple to use; read on this link for more details

What is PandaHelper ?

The PandaHelper download is a popular app installer that only offers Android apps. Most of these are modified with in-app features and purchases, providing loads of extra functionality for free. You won’t find any of these apps or games in the Google Play Store and they can’t be downloaded in any other way. We can reassure you that PandaHelper has undergone strict testing by the developers and has been deemed safe to use. However, we can’t guarantee that all the content is safe because there are far too many to test so be sure to download a good anti-virus.

PandaHelper Features :

With the PandaHelper download, you get loads of features and the best of them are:

  • Easy to download
  • User-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate
  • Everything in PandaHelper is free
  • No need to jailbreak or root
  • Works on both iOS and Android
  • Find what you want easily using the in-app search facility
  • Thousands of apps and games to choose from
  • Plenty of apps and games modified with extra features
  • Use one of the supplied themes to change how PandaHelper looks
  • Plenty of other features

How to Download PandaHelper :

You will not be able to get the PandaHelper download in either of the official app stores, but it is still very easy to download. Because the developers know that it won’t be accepted, they haven’t bothered to even try submitting it, preferring instead to bring it straight to us. For a full download guide and more information, click on the link below:

Even with a flexible platform and more choice of apps, Android users are still limited to what the platform offers, unable to jailbreak and get modified content like iOS users could. The Panda Helper download is fully compatible with Android so they too can have everything they want for free. PandaHelper works well on both iOS and Android devices and, because its free, there’s nothing to lose by downloading it.

Try it today, tell us your thoughts and follow us on Facebook for more updates