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vShare is a something of a household name among the jailbreak community, being one of the most popular apps ever downloaded from Cydia. It provided us with free access to all sorts of paid and premium content but now that access to Cydia has been cut right back fewer people are able to get their hands on it. With iOS 10 doing a lot of damage to jailbreaking, the only utility that was released was Yalu jailbreak and now that iOS 11 has been released, the same thing is happening. Apple recently released the iOS 11 download, pushing an iOS 11.2 jailbreak even further back but we do have some good news for you. vShare — https://vsharedownload.org/ is now available for download without a jailbreak and it supports iOS 11.2. Here’s how you can download it today.

Download vShare :

Because vShare is primarily a jailbreak app, you can’t get it from the iOS app store. However, it is very easy to download and there are three ways to do it so take your pick:

Method 1: Safari (Easy)

All you need for this is your iOS device running iOS 11.2, the internet, preferably Wi-Fi, and the Safari browser. None of the other browsers are set up to work with this method, only Safari so don’t waste your time trying another.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone
  2. From the address bar, go to http://vshare.store
  1. Look at the top right of your iPad or bottom center of your iPhone screen for the UP arrow and tap on it
  2. A new window will open containing a few options; tap on Add to Home Screen
  3. Now type vShare into the box so your icon is named
  4. Tap the Add button
  5. When you close Safari down, vShare will be on your home page

Method 2: vShare Helper

vShare Helper is a tool designed by the vShare developers to help you install vShare onto your iOS device through your computer. It makes the entire process much easier and you can find all the details you need, including a full guide, at the link below:

Method 3: AppVV

Many of you will recognize this name as being the name of the repository in Cydia that vShare is stored in as well as being the name of the app developer. To use this method, you do need to jailbreak and then add a new repository to Cydia, but you can find all the information you need in the linked posts:

  • AppVV Repo

Method 4 : Android Only

vShare has also been made available on Android devices as well, although the steps to download it are a little bit trickier. This is because you need to use your PC or Mac to download the application package file (apk) before you can install it on your Android device. It is easy to do and takes just a few minutes so follow the linked guide to download vShare on Android

Fixing vShare Errors :

Overall, most people can use vShare without any hassle but there is one common error that some users have found. The error message occurs when the download button is tapped, and it says, “cannot connect to ssl vshare appvv api”. It is simple to solve though and here’s how:

  1. Shut down Safari completely
  2. Close all apps on your device
  3. Wait a minute or so and then try to install vShare again
  4. It should work but if it doesn’t, turn off your iOS device completely
  5. Wait a few minutes and turn it back on
  6. Try again and the problem should be fixed.

How to Fix vShare Crashing:

One of the most common errors, one that will happen to every user, is that vShare will crash within 7 days of you installing it. It isn’t because of something you have done, rather it is down to Apple. Because they do not sign the app certificate that lets the app run, they will quite happily revoke it, and this is what causes the app to crash, leaving you having to reinstall it and wait for them to revoke it again — which they will. Unless you download Anti Revoke, a tool that stops Apple from verifying and revoking the certificates and leaving you to use vShare without any worry. The linked post gives you all the information you need including a download guide.

Popular on vShare


For anyone who is looking for a decent screen recorder, AirShou is the app of choice for many users. Once only available in Cydia, AirShou now works without the need to jailbreak and can be downloaded from vShare. It has been updated with tons of new features, especially for those on later iOS versions and you can find the Airshou download guide at the linked post.


MovieBox is a go-to app for anyone who loves to watch movies and tv shows on their iOS devices. Unlike many other apps of its kind, MovieBox allows you to stream your chosen content instead of downloading it, meaning those with smaller storage spaces can also benefit from it. You can download Moviebox through vShare so click on the linked post for a full guide.

vShare Alternative


If vShare really doesn’t offer the content that you want then try Emus4U. As well as all the premium content for free, the tweaked apps like snapchat++, Pokemon Go++ and Instagram++, Emu4iOS also provides us with a great selection of the ever-popular games emulators that let you play your old games console games on your iPhone or iPad. It’s very easy to download so follow our tutorial to Download Emu4iOS and enjoy all your favorite games once again.

TweakBox :

TweakBox is another alternative to vShare that is well worth a look. Like vShare, it provides you with plenty of paid content for free, loads of modified and tweaked apps and games, and plenty of the most popular Cydia tweaks, all free to use. TweakBox is incredibly comprehensive and, because there is so much to choose from, the developers have put it all into categories so you can find what you want easily. To download TweakBox, check out our tutorial at the linked article.

For now, these are your best bet so check them out and follow us on Facebook for more iOS 11.2 jailbreak updates.

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