We are in the age of change and innovation, so there are several companies of different sectors that constantly implement the latest technological developments. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology have represented a before and an after when it comes to understanding capital raising for companies.

ICO, BTC or STO. Concepts that have transformed the financial sector, spreading it towards new horizons and have democratized the investments, which, until a few years ago, only used the most outdated traditional systems.

You are probably wondering: Are all the mechanisms the same? What is the difference between them? …

In order to bring OneUP to every corner of the world and make the most of the different conferences and meetings that are held around the world, we have been present this week in two fairs. Do you want to know which ones they are? Don’t think it twice and keep reading.

The Canarian coast is analyzed in the last edition of the Security and Prevention Conference

This week, the third edition of the Safety and Prevention Conference in the Canary Islands, organized by the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies, attached to the Ministry of Public Administration, Justice and…

Concern for the environment and public awareness about this issue have grown in the last few years. The world is asking us to adapt our habits and give a second life to many of the products we consume.

What would happen if we tell you that the blockchain technology is also present in the waste-management? Keep reading to find out.

The waste recycling is a tricky and complicated activity. The movement of waste requires many permits and procedures, so these movements can happen. Therefore, a British company has developed a revolutionary tool based on the blockchain.

A transparent management tool

As we have anticipated…

During the past months, we have been publishing different posts in which we have tried to explain, in a simple way, the secrets that the technology of the moment hides. What is blockchain? What is a token? What are the blockchain events that you can’t miss?

With christmas just around the corner, today we bring you as a present, a post about exchanges and the different types you can find. If you feel lost when you hear something about this topic, this is your post. Keep reading, one can never know too much.

Exchanges, the 21st century barter

An exchange is a digital platform where…

This week, the OneUP team has set sail to the neighboring island to attend a conference on water safety. Always willing to support this kind of causes, without thinking it twice, we travelled to Tenerife. Our distributor in Spain organizes this event to create awareness about this social problem.

In different talks, professionals of the nautical sector had the opportunity to discuss and share their vision about one of the main causes of death in the world, drowning. Do you want to know what the experts think about this topic? Keep reading.

Water safety for discussion

With the Hotel GF Victoria Costa Adeje’s auditorium…

It’s hard to believe but, it’s been a decade since the launching of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. During that period, this currency has been subject to ups and downs in the Stock Exchange quotation and has alerted the most traditional financial systems. This technology has conquered the heart of many people over the past few years, gathering this way, more enthusiasts than ever.

We only need to take a look at the results of the blockchain platform to confirm how the number of transactions is at the highest level, after reaching 456 millions.

Currently, the digital coin has around 42 millions…

As we have being saying, blockchain events give you the opportunity to know at first-hand a whole vision of this sector. Discussions among the attendees, exclusive launches of the most innovative products and a lot of networking.

If you still have doubts about blockchain, don’t hesitate! You can’t miss the next edition of Núcleo Blockchain: Meeting Point. This one has been a total success.

Núcleo Blockchain arises from the need to interconnect talent and create a big network of professionals. If you couldn’t go to this edition, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the next one. …

The blockchain is the technology of the moment. Many experts say that when the blockchain technology was born, it was similar to the emergence of the internet. If you don’t want to stay out and you’re really curious about it, don’t hesitate to sign up for the next event.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to interact and getting into this sector is to attend the events that are held around the world. Speeches with brilliant speakers, debates between the guests, exclusive product launches, etc. …

What kind of sandwich you got? I give you a cookie for a piece of it. Without knowing it, since we were little, we were signing contracts and doing agreements with our classmates.

If we look back, there were contracts that determined the course of the history. Secret agreements that led to historical sales or alliances that broke all of the above. In short, we live surrounded by contracts.

Due to the technological revolution, a new way of understanding these agreements, known as Smart Contracts, appears. …

We have done it again, OneUP has crossed the ocean. In order to expand our aquatic rescue network of citizens, we traveled to the land of the opportunities.

A caravan full of OneUPs and many kilometers ahead, thus began this route. Do you want to join us in this adventure?

Los Angeles: the city of stars

This city has that special glamour that invades you. In other words, it’s a front row seat of a continuous show. …

OneUP Saves

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