Left-wing Violence is on the Rise — nineteen examples for the uninitiated

Over the last year, the mainstream media has worked hard to craft a narrative warning our nation about the dangers of right-wing political violence.

Since that narrative rarely featured examples of left-wing violence, and it’s simply impossible that they intentionally pushed a biased narrative, I combed through a long list of incidents and summarized these nineteen examples to help them round out their coverage:

If extrajudicial violence is to be the new norm, just how does one determine exactly which law-abiding citizens are evil enough to warrant a violent assault? How does one gauge the amount of violence they deserve? What rules ought we follow prior to depriving another person of their basic human rights?

When you refuse to condemn violence, you normalize it.

Can we at least unite around that most foundational pillar of civilized society — that extrajudicial, politically motivated violence is utterly unacceptable, no matter its origin?

I shudder to think of what is coming, for all of us, if we don’t stop it right now.