Different Types Of Sandalwood Oil And Their Significance

Sandalwood oil is a popular product that has rich aroma and medicinal values. Little did we know until humans have discovered the significant benefits of this valuable product. Those important qualities of this oil are significant for various purposes such as aromatherapy and cosmetic. Thus, today people from all around the world are using this oil and benefiting a lot from it.
Many countries that have suitable climatic conditions are growing sandalwood trees on a large scale for business reasons. For instance, India which is known to have been using sandalwood oil for centuries grows to a large extent mainly in the southern India, particularly in Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau. Sandalwood oil of India is considered to be the best in the world. Every year, large quantities of woods are exported to different countries. The woods are being taken to factories for extracting oil for use in different purposes.
Though, Indian oil is considered best, there is also several different quality of sandalwood oil that is produced in different countries. Those products have their own uniqueness and have good significance too.
Some of the different types of sandalwood oil are as follows-
Australian Sandalwood Oil: Found in parts of south west Australia, this oil is extracted from sandalwood tree that comes from the species of Santalum family. This sandalwood oil is considered to be one of the finest that is truly exotic. Its fine quality of sweet and aromatic smell is extensively used for manufacturing of beauty products like perfumes and body oil. It is also widely used for medicinal purposes in treating skin diseases and other ailments. In some parts of the world, for example in China, this oil is even used in religious occasions.
Medagascar sandalwood oil: This famous category of oil is obtained from the sandalwood trees that are found extensively in the rain forest areas of Medagascar. This sandalwood oil has some fine properties such as anti bacterial and anti inflammatory that made it extremely special. Moreover, because of those properties and sweet enchanting smell, this oil is effectively used for aromatherapy as well as cosmetic purposes. Besides this, this oil is also widely used for production of medicines too.
Uganda sandalwood oil: Also, known as Osyris Tenuifolia, this product is obtained from sandalwood trees found in some parts of East African countries.
The sandalwood tree comes from a family of Santalum. The oil extracted from this tree has special properties and sweet fragrance that has made it one of the most favorable product for manufacturing of cosmetic and beauty products. Uganda sandalwood oil is also effectively used in medicines for curing of several ailments such as liver, memory, nervous system etc.
Pacific sandalwood oil: This is another fine oil which is extracted from sandalwood trees that are grown in the Pacific area, especially in Hawaii. This sandalwood oil is also known as Santalum Paniculatum or Santalum Elliptum and Coast Sandalwood.
Highly favoured due of its aromatic fragrance and various essential properties, such as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, etc, today this sandalwood oil is effectively used for manufacturing of medicines as well as cosmetic products. This oil has also deep roots in China for used in various religious rituals and occasions.