Age is just the number: Meet the hottest Grandpa!


Who says only young people are attractive or are blessed with charming personality? This 80 -year -old Grandpa from China has proved the world wrong. He is still hot and creating buzz all around the world. He is tall, muscular and, despite being 80 years old, is an in-demand fashion model. So you also meet the hottest grandpa here.

People noticed this old turned young man in China Fashion Week in 2015, where he walked bare chest almost for 30 seconds. Well, Wang Deshun is 80 year old right now. For the first time he walked the ramp with his long white beard and became the centre of attraction.

Hottest Granpa


Must say Internet has become best medium to share unusual pictures with others. And this hottest Granpa has now become an overnight Internet sensation in China, with some dubbing him “China’s Hottest Grandpa” and “Old Fresh Meat.”

Well, by chance he was selected for ramp walk. As one of China’s top fashion designers, Hu Sheguang never had a grandfather in his mind when planning his catwalk for China Fashion Week 2015. But suddenly things changed when he saw a photo of Wang in QQ Wang’s mobile phone, the musician composing tracks for his show. Then only fashion designer Hu decided to showcase this hottest Grandpa to entire world and we are not able to get over the hot pictures.


Wang Deshun was an actor by profession He was born in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang in 1936 and started working in pantomime.

He eventually moved into martial arts films, and has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies, including the “Forbidden Kingdom.” He first started going to the gym at the age of 50 just to keep his body I’m perfect shape. In Wang’s eye, age is not an obstacle.”

As he told that at 65, he learnt horse riding in just a month for a role. At 78, he learned how to ride a motorbike.

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