Who is in charge? I need to speak to your boss.

‘ I’m working in powers, I’m working in miracles, I live a life of favour oh' — a Christian worship song.

I know who I am but who am I suppose to be? Am I a predestined child with a purpose to fulfil, Or am I a science project given life through a one night stand, due to circumstances of nature.

I give up on any hope of going back to school cause no money (shit) I find my dream job, ( yippee universe is working in my favour, God knows the plans he has for me ). I travel out to purse my dream and it yields barely nothing, is this God, faith or it’s not yet my time? And who sets the time? How long will my time be for ? We losing our home and living on a one room, is it some part of my future success story? Who is in charge of my life cause it well isn’t me. I have fought so hard to open door that turns out to lead no where.

My mum not able to get a job in years is who? ( maybe her fault) Hard work pays off, hard work at what? I try to fill the time between gigs by learning 
Programming & some times can’t afford internet access. I’m working hard at something right.

Who do I appeal to when I wake up this morning? Lets start by putting out good vibes and thinking good thoughts and doing good things. God I promise to treat my mum better and pray more, universe I promise to stop littering, good vibes mojo, I promise to smile more at strangers . When it’s good, I don’t thank everything and when it’s bad, I praise everything.