Coinbase is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange, and they have recently started a programme that rewards users with free money, by watching and learning about cryptocurrency.

It’s a win-win deal.

I have long wanted to learn about cryptocurrency, and now I can earn $22, just by spending a few minutes watching their pretty good eLearning videos.

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tldr; I was integrating Oracle’s mobile push SDK and was stuck for 2 months. Turned out they have an embarassing bug involving an underscore! Oracle’s Responsys/PushIO proved right — enterprise product sucks.

This post is my rant on how bad Oracle’s product is.

The ridiculous bug

I spent 2 months to figure out why our iOS app did not display rich message pushed from Oracle’s platform. It boils down to an UNDERSCORE.

Yes, freaking _, generated in their API key is the reason why our app didn’t work.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve lots of friends and classmates say to me:

“I have a great idea for an app. How about we work together?”

I’m happy that they’re thinking about creating something that they want to use or make a business out of it.

But often, all I can do for them is say:

“As a friend, I’d love to hear about your idea and give advice on mobile app development. But most likely, I wouldn’t be able to develop for you.”


1. Ideas are not enough

Often, the main motivation people have for creating an app is because they have…

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I adopted a new diet — skipping breakfast, time-restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting.

You might not be familiar with the feeding and fasting, but you probably screamed NO WAY at the mention of skipping breakfast.

Since young, we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of all.

But is breakfast really that important?

Could it be another unexplanable culture passed down? Or could it be a movement by some commercial establishment trying to sell more stuff to eat?

The Science Behind Breakfast

Dr James Betts, senior lecturer in nutrition at the University of Bath said:

The idea…

It’s end of the year, the best time to prepare and plan for the tax you need to pay for the year.

You have little control of how much you earn, but you have absolute control of the tax relief you can get.

Here are some great ways to earn tax relief, in order of effectiveness, as of 2016.

1. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

Contribute up to $12,750 to your SRS account.

I transfer as much cash to SRS, because whatever amount I put in my SRS, I will use it for long term investment.

For investment, I use Fundsupermart to buy unit trusts. They…

Flickr Uploadr is a very very weird app.

Go to Preferences > About > Click on the Icon, and their secret menu will be shown!

There are 2 “secret features”:

  1. Enable Video Upload
  2. Run at startup

These are no secret features! More like hidden features, for some weird reasons.

How could Run at startup be hidden? Is Flickr trying to trick all Mac users to ALWAYS run the app on startup?

And why would they disable video upload? Their website does support. Their iOS app does support. The old Flickr Uploadr does support. And now, they choose to hide it.

Shortly after launching Jade, I started on a new app.

(Download now, if you’re not interested in the story..)

While Jade is a great journal app to pen down memorable moments with your child, logging mundane stuff — feedings, diaper change, weight, etc— is best logged somewhere else.

I use a note book and physically record these mundane stuff.

I recently bought a new camera — Olympus E-M10 — triple lens bundle for $998.

Such a good buy that I felt I should praise it openly.

My Ex — Nikon D3100

Remote — Office Not Required — is a book produced by 37signals, the guys who made Basecamp.

I enjoyed Remote very much because it debunks traditional office work (commuting, working from 8am-5pm), and is close to what I believe should be our modern working lifestyle.

It is even more relevant for creative based jobs, such as for us developers, since our output should not be measured by the hours of work.

Why Remote?

  • Creative work takes stretches of uninterrupted time to get into the zone
  • Real work gets done not at work
  • Your commute is killing you
  • Decentralize the city
  • A new…

This is a secret that many online shoppers didn’t know — there is a way to earn extra cash back.

It is extra $$, because it is in addition to whatever cashback/discount you can get from your credit card, or applying any promo code.


By simply using ShopBack.

ShopBack is a platform that connects to over 300 e-commerce websites (Groupon, Lazada, Redmart, Zuji, you name it), and they are earning commissions through each e-commerce affiliates program, which they then generously share with you in the form of cash back.

For example, when you click a Lazada link from ShopBack…

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