How to Earn EXTRA Cashback with Groupon/Lazada/Taobao/etc

This is a secret that many online shoppers didn’t know — there is a way to earn extra cash back.

It is extra $$, because it is in addition to whatever cashback/discount you can get from your credit card, or applying any promo code.


By simply using ShopBack.

ShopBack is a platform that connects to over 300 e-commerce websites (Groupon, Lazada, Redmart, Zuji, you name it), and they are earning commissions through each e-commerce affiliates program, which they then generously share with you in the form of cash back.

For example, when you click a Lazada link from ShopBack and make a $100 purchase, Lazada will give ShopBack (perhaps) $10, which ShopBack give you (perhaps) $8.

That gives you 8% extra cash back!

Shop, shop, and earn!

Let me show you my earnings during the 11/11 shopping period:

Total Amount Spent: $3,700

Total Earnings: $246 (6.6%)

Once again, this $246 is in addition to my credit card cash back!

PPS: The truth is, I merely pay, while my shopping queen buy.

Join Now

Join ShopBack, and please, with my referral link:

Why use my referral link?

Because you will get extra $5 when you sign up with my link (:

(And since I just shared with you an awesome secret, you should help me earn my referral bonus, right?)

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