Why I choose to shoot with a mirrorless camera like the Olympus E-M10

I recently bought a new camera — Olympus E-M10 — triple lens bundle for $998.

Such a good buy that I felt I should praise it openly.

My Ex — Nikon D3100

The last camera I bought was 5 years ago, a Nikon D3100.

That was an entry level DSLR, but it opened door to my world of better photography.

I love it, but it had to go because Olympus E-M10 is better..


Reason #1 — Smaller than DSLR

Weight and size is a big factor for me.

I want it to be light and small so that I can easily bring it out, especially for vacation travels.

Nikon D3100 is actually light and small for a DSLR, but not so when compared to mirrorless cameras.

Olympus E-M10 is much smaller. Not much lighter though, perhaps because the parts are of heavier quality, and compactly packed into the body (unlike DSLR which has lots of “air” because of mirror system).

Reason #2 — Pan Cake + Zoom Lens

Lens are very very important.

With my Nikon D3100, I bought Nikkor 45mm f1.8, a $300 prime lens that I use 99% of the time. The kit lens is quite bad because it is slow.

Most kit lens are terrible. But that is not true with Olympus E-M10.

Their kit lens is a 14–42mm, f3.5–5.6, and best of all, the size is super slim!

As I mentioned in reason #1, small is good. The pan cake lens make it even tastier :)

Another factor is that it can zoom. Although I am happier with a fast prime lens, such as a 45mm f1.8, for taking street photography, a zoom lens is verstile and can come in handly.

Because at 14mm, it means I can take wefie.

Reason #3 — Cheap Cheap

I got a good deal at $998 for a triple lens kit. Though it is listed as $1098, I still got it at $998.

Here’s why: Olympus official distributor is Harvey Norman. And you can bargain. I simply show them that HWZ listed it as $998, and the promoter easily let me have it. Reliable sources tell me that you simply need to open your mouth/bargain, and even Harvey Norman will sell you at their lowest price.

Getting a good deal aside.

Olympus E-M10 is cheap compared to it’s peers. A Fuji X-T10 will be $500 more (that is 50% more)! A Sony a6000 will be around the same, but not as good.

What’s more, I have a triple lens bundle!

  • Zoom lens, 14–42mm, f3.5–5.6 : It’s so small I can bring out for everyday use
  • Prime lens, 45mm, f1.8 : For nice portrait shots at home
  • Telephoto zoom, 40–150mm, f4.0–5.6 : When there is bird/bee/cat sighted?

See them in action later!

Vs Fuji X100T

Special mention for Fuji X100T, because that’s a fixed lens camera used by Mr Brown. And it is his blog post that triggered my search for a new camera.

I did consider buying a Fuji X100T too, because I am so used to using just a good and fast prime lens.

However, after researching and considered for my usage, I felt Olympus E-M10 trumps over Fuji X100T because it:

  • is much cheaper
  • is versatile with interchangeable lens
  • is smaller
  • has in-camera image stabilisation
  • and the screen is tilt-able, and touch sensitive!
Tilt-able screen will be helpful for certain shots


Wefie possible with zoom lens, at 14mm
Spotted a bird just outside my window. Taken with the telephoto zoom at 40mm and 150mm.
Spotted cat and bee too -.-
With live view and a tiltable screen, taking an upward angled shot is easier (taken by my wife!)
As usual, 45mm f1.8 produces good bokeh

Cheers to Olympus (:

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