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James Goldberg

Meet the Street

We chatted with James, former Sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces, current NYU student majoring in Biochemistry + minoring in Music, and overall Good St. rockstar.

Good St. is about making giving a part of your daily routine… What is a quirky daily routine of yours?
By failing to have a routine, I keep my options open. Every day can be something new and entirely different.

What’s one GOOD change you’d like to see in the world?
I’d like to see people expose themselves to new things, new ideas, new perspectives. The best experiences in life are those you never expected.

What is a cause or organization you’re particularly passionate about? And why?
This past summer I worked at Neve Michael Children’s Home in Israel (I’m also working with them this summer). I’m passionate about helping abused and mistreated children achieve happiness, feel loved, and enjoy life as any child should.

On Good St. we believe that small change (like our quarters) can lead to big change… can you think of a particular experience(s) in your life that you believe changed you, whether in a big or small way?
One was getting a text message at 1 AM on June 14, 2014 from my commander that my unit had been called to action for a search and rescue mission for three kidnapped teenagers (Operation Brother’s Keeper). The second I got that text, my life changed forever. Everything in my life lead up to this point — to make a difference, to make the most meaning out of my life. This was everything I’d trained for.

Another experience is from when I revisited the children’s home this past winter. I had asked one of the kids who wasn’t there this past summer if he was excited for the upcoming summer, and he said they’re never fun. His older brother, who had been there this past summer, asked him if he had any idea who I was and told him that the upcoming summer is going to be unbelievable. Here’s this boy, who two summers ago would have responded exactly as his younger brother did, now not only ecstatic about the summer, but also helping to spread the happiness and excitement. It was truly incredible to see someone whom I worked so hard to cheer up now giving hope and happiness to others.

Rapid Fire Good:

Good quote?
“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” — Jonas Salk
Good movie?
La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)
Good song?
“Re Run Home”- Kamasi Washington
Good gift?
One that creates lasting memories
Good place to visit?
Good food?
My Bubby’s Banana Bread
Good word?
Weltanschauung — German word for a particular worldview

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