Onibag is taking precision on a new level with what3words.

Have you heard of what3words? It is a new way to communicate a location in a simple and yet extremly precise manner — the whole world is divided into three by three meters squares and then each square is given a unique name consisting of three words. This technology allows for great precision without having a complicated coordinate system — all you need to find a certain location is to remember three words that identify it! Forget about the days when your driver could not find your house in a suburban jungle or a problem of outdated street addresses in a GPS navigator — what3words will help us find exactly where you need your parcel to be delivered! Do you live in a huge building with multiple entrances but only one address? With what3words you can point to the exact entrance or place you want us to deliver your package, even if it is a small barn in a middle of the village — as long as it has a road to it, we can find it with ease!

With what3words we are able to deliver a better experience to all of our customers while delivering business efficiency, driving growth and helping local communities. What3words also have a build in algorithm that actively shuffles similar-sounding 3 word combinations around the world to enable both human and automated intelligent error-checking (e.g. table.chair.lamp & table.chair.lamps are on different continents).

If you enter a 3 word address slightly incorrectly and the result is still a valid what3words result, the location will be so far away from your intended area that it will be immediately obvious to our intelligent automated error-detection system, and it will immediately tell you about the error. To find out more about how what3words work please visit their official page.

Onibag is building a company that is always striving to bring you the best customer experience so we welcome all your ideas and comments. Please contact us at info@onibag.com or by using live chat on our website.