We Are Still Early on the NFT Industry Cycle

Picture by Onibits

When our everyday life is disrupted, great innovation often jumps ahead. The pandemic had taken the blockchain industry to another level with the spiking growth of NFT interest making it the hottest topic of the year.

According to Coinmarketcap the NFT market capital has grown and reached an astounding 10 billion dollars market capital. Despite the huge market capital, we are indeed still in the early stage of the NFT, making us early adopters of this technology.

As a comparison, the market cap for cryptocurrency is 1.77 trillion dollars. Many experts predicted that the market cap for the NFT will keep growing.

The future is bright ahead.

Being an early adopter has been proven to give great benefits to the community. For instance, 5 years ago, Bitcoin's price was $1000, and it reached $39k at the time of this writing.

It rewards anyone who believes in it while others don’t.

Jumping on Onibits.

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We had also partnered with Polygon Studios recently, and we keep growing.

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