The need for an Advanced Python Programming course from

My name is Joshua and I am currently unemployed. I live in Lagos Nigeria and I fend for my younger ones (1 sister and 2 brothers).

The economic situation here in Nigeria since the present administration (Buhari’s Administration) started has been worse. I finished my Degree (Computer Science) in June 2015 and with the zeal I have for coding, I wanted to learn Python. The programming skills acquired will equip me to get a good job and fend for my younger ones.

I was a graduate intern at a company in Lagos (until 2 weeks ago when I was laid off as the company was having a hard time paying salaries due to the economic recession that the country is currently in and I was among those affected). At the time when I worked, I met a lot of people who have inspired me when I see the way they code and I believe that with the right training I would also be able to code and develop applications as they do. But then, taking a training comes at a cost and my pay at my former place of work is very small. After I take out my tithe, transport and feeding, what is left is what I use to take care of my younger ones.

I will appreciate it if I am granted a scholarship to take an “Advanced Python Programming” course at ( because it will boost my professional quality, help me get another job and will contribute in a long way to kick start a career in python application development.