Segun Awolowo: Sunset At Noon

It is exactly fifty-four years ago this month. It was the news no one wanted to hear. It was as tragic as it was saddening. The whole of Western Region, indeed the whole of Nigeria, was struck as if by thunder. When the news of his death hit the airwaves, mothers wept with Mama HID. Fathers mourned with Papa Awo. Segun Awolowo was a child of promise whose sun set at noon.

Were Segun Awolowo to be alive today, he would have celebrated his 78th birthday on January 20. He would have likely become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria or a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He might have become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He could also have been the Governor of Ogun State of Nigeria. Or may be a Senator of the Federal Republic.

It is to keep the memory of this illustrious star alive that Onigegewura brings you this story today.

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