How Website Live Chat Can Help Your Business?

Most of us have seen that tiny little box in the corner of a website saying “chat with us now” .Live chat is not a new concept. It is widely used by several business and service providers. To put it in simple words it is a web service which enables the company’s customer support executives to revert to client/customer queries in real time. This instant revert will obviously have a positive effect on the sales figures of the company. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of incorporating live chat into your website.

1. Conversion of visitors into customers increases:

When a person visits a website for buying products or services he will have plenty of queries and doubts which need satisfactory reply for generating the confidence in the visitor that this company will definitely offer good service/products. Replying by email or phone support may take a little longer. Incase of live chat the client queries are answered and resolved instantaneously. As a result the ratio of conversion of visitors in customers’ increases.

2. Increase in sales figures:

It is no rocket science that there is a direct relation between customer conversion and sales figures. As the client base will increase the sale of products and services of that company will also increase which will clearly reflect in the sales figures.

3. Boost in customer satisfaction:

Several market surveys have found that companies who actively use live chat have more number of satisfied clients. More than 85 to 90 % customers feel that live chat is a must as it is better platform of communicating with the company on a one to one basis. It is a unique platform for sharing ideas and giving feedback to the company about its services and products.

4. High efficiency and less cost:

This medium of communication is more cost effective. Once the live chat is set a single customer service professional can chat with multiple customers. Thus the company does not require a huge staff as in the case of call centers and social media platforms. So this option incurs less cost. At the same time efficacy levels are high and customer is servers with more efficiency.

5. Usefulness of chat scripts and analytics:

The analysis of the chat scripts will help in understanding the most common concerns that customers have with regards to the service, products and website. The company can then address these issues at the grass root level and thus improve customer satisfaction.

6. Gives a competitive edge:

Several surveys have found that clients are more comfortable with live chat rather than phone support or email support or social media. So having the live chat option on the website will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. This will definitely help you generate better sales as compared to your competitors.

These are just some benefits that have been highlighted. Live chat is an absolute boon to the service support of any company’s website. So it is a must that you incorporate it in your website.

Originally published at on January 24, 2016.

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