Thank you Onimisi Onipe, you’re too kind.
S Lynn Knight

I would say it will be one of the highest. Humans are shaped by a lot of things. We often think our ‘reality’ is pure and uncontrolled, but that’s a lie, an almost necessary one. Humans and their thinking are shaped by their environments. By their parents. Their religions. To break out of these constraints is going to require far more than agitation or conflict. Its going to require what precedes agitation or conflict. I believe this is self will.

Self will of individuals and part of these entail how they are willing to question what they see out there. Are they comfortable with the world or are they are not. Now, all these decisions are going to require some thought processes which will be shaped by their environments, morals and values.

Mix all these variables up and you are going to have an interesting result as humans vary a lot. My answer would be ‘No’ to your question. To fully bring about change, conflict is unavoidable. Violence is unavoidable. Take two soldiers from opposing countries fighting for what they believe in. In any real sense, both are fighting to protect their loved ones back at home. Both engage in violence and would even kill each other without hesitating to end terrorism, to end organized crimes, to bring about change.

I love your points. I believe your theory would work well in individuals than in groups. Individuals can learn to choose their battles wisely and can also learn to question their believes and use the power of agitation to make themselves better. To change and also influence the next person to do the same.

All these still fall on whether they are willing to…

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