Moments in life,

leave us in dire need

of affection and love,

long lost in an archive of memories.

Buried in forgotten sands..

Moments in life,

leave us in dry tears,

as the stars could never fathom,

the untold stories of our past,

igniting empty thoughts,

abandoned in a pool of sleepless nights.

Moments in life,

When we forget how to stand up

as our battles take control,

and onto the ground,

our prayers to echo..

Moments in life,

when times glides backwards,

and fears of the future lingers on,

projecting lies..

projecting dim lights of fading hope..

These moments never seem to pass,

dropping us at an impasse.

Paranoia wins us over;

narcissism undo us

into the fear

we fled from.

Dissolving us in


Procreated by our noble ancestors.

We die..

our seeds grow,

with legacies conjured by illusions…

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