In Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”, one of the principal mechanics is that when one gets killed while in a dream they either wake up or fall into limbo if under the influence of a very powerful sedative.

Last night I was shot in the chest while in a dream (at this time I don’t exactly recall the context). The memory of the dream kicks off with me being shot in the chest, which woke me up somewhat. The theory is that since our brains are simulating reality while in the dream state, the shocks of anything resembling death triggers so much of our self-awareness that we wake up. In my case, I found myself in a nebulous state, hereon referred to as “Limbo”.

In Limbo, I was floating, engulfed in darkness. Periodically and very quickly, tiny pieces of what looked like mirror glass would flash before from all sides. Each small mirror was no bigger than the average TV screen, and each mirror was reflecting either a thought, a memory, or abstract concepts I was not familiar with. The odd thing about Limbo was that every sensation (other than the feeling of floating) came from the waking life! I felt my body touching the mattress, the cold air from the window freezing my feet, as well as my hands rubbing against the blanket on top of me. Mainly, I felt the exhaustion taking over, which is why the last thought I had was a choice: “should I wake up or go back to sleep?”.

I decided to go back to sleep, and almost immediately the surrounding darkness warped into a funnel that sucked me in and propelling me forward, and once I reached the end the POV shifted and from far away I saw myself falling from a pitch black sky. Just as I was about to hit ground, the next dream began.

I was a 13 year old African American boy. The second youngest of five children, somewhere away from an urban center. The next thing I remember was about to go to bed (which was actually a tiny table near the windows of our tiny house), when my older brother’s (I don’t have siblings in real life) girlfriend came over and jumped on top of me. She proceeded to sexually assault me (I wouldn’t call it rape necessarily because it wasn’t as violent or harsh, but very much non-consensual) even though I kept saying “we can’t do this”. Halfway through the intercourse I realized that the girl on top of me was Carl’s girlfriend from “Shameless”.

That’s when I realized I was dreaming, and simultaneously I began recalling being shot in the chest, which catapulted me out of the dream and into Limbo once more. This time, I tried to pay more attention to my surroundings, because I had a sensation of deja-vu. You see, it was at this moment that I began remembering the first time I got shot in the chest, and that I was in Limbo once again; I did not remember any of the details until it happened the second time.

Afterwards, a really strong force pulled me, quasi-gravitationally, into the next dream. I was on the shore near my family’s beach house back in Italy, except it was in this post-apocalyptic version of the world. I had no idea what I was doing there, until I noticed skeletons throwing spears at me. I turned around to see if I could escape them, and that’s when I was captured by the momentous arrival of Daenerys Targaryen’s army. Yes…I found myself in the middle of a Game of Thrones episode! Dany showed up with her dragons, so I joined her general in tactically trying to take over the other side of the shore from the skeletons throwing spears against us.

And just as we were about to win the battle, I woke up