Microsoft Clarity is a new user behavior analytics tool that visualizes heatmaps and records screen sessions, to help you optimize the user experience of your website.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool launched in October 2020, that can help you understand exactly how people interact with your website.

The core features of Clarity are:

  • Heatmaps: where people click/touch on your pages
  • Session recordings in the form of videos that you can view

Boost your organic traffic with the new Bing Webmaster Tools: featuring advanced SEO reports, keyword research, and backlinks analysis of your competitors.

In February 2020 Microsoft announced the first iteration of the new, revamped Bing Webmaster Tools.

With this update, Bing Webmaster Tools introduces a new user interface that makes it easier to use, and that resembles the way Google Search Console is organized.

If you are familiar with Google Search Console, you will find yourself at home with Bing Webmaster Tools.

The new release is particularly interesting because it includes features that you usually find on professional, and expensive…

A detailed explanation of what marketing automation is about and how you can implement it in your business. Cloud and hosted platforms to manage e-mails, social media, and CRM

If you landed on this page, you probably know the expression “marketing automation” already.

The topic sounds intriguing, just as the possibilities it opens. But when you google for it, you’re easily overwhelmed by a big landscape of tools and marketing terms, which to an external observer can look confusing.

My goal with this page is to explain in clear and simple terms what marketing automation is, how it works, and…

Core Web Vitals is a new ranking factor on Google Search. In this page I’ll share how to measure the performance of your website, and how to deliver a optimal page experience.

Page Experience is the name of a set of metrics that Google uses, among hundreds of other signals, to determine how a webpage ranks on its search engine. Page Experience includes a variety of criteria, such as how quickly pages load, mobile-friendliness, and browser safety as factors for ranking results.

In 2020 Google announced the addition of a new subset of indicators to Page Experience, related to speed…

Looking for content marketing ideas to tweak your online pages and drive more visitors? All you wanted to know about Google Question Hub in our FAQ

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub is a tool produced by Google for content creators, publishers, and for everyone looking to tweak the content on their website.

You can filter down your niche, and view relevant questions that were searched on Google, but for which the search engine didn’t have an answer.

You can then answer such questions, or you can point Google to the pages of your website where the answers lie.

Wikipedia defines it as…

What is and how to use the popular audio drop-in app. How do chatrooms work? How to grow your brand on Clubhouse? All you wanted to know in our FAQ

Clubhouse is the social network everyone’s talking about in February 2021. The new social media app gathers people in audio chatrooms, each one with a different topic. Available only on iOS, the app was downloaded by more than four million people in the last month alone.

The success of Clubhouse is due not just to the number of celebrities getting in. Its popularity is also an indicator that lives audio…

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