Online Anonymity Tool That Lets You Connect To Wi-Fi Miles Away

Remaining anonymous online is not easy. Users have tried to use all sorts of tactics to achieve online anonymity. There are tools you can try to achieve online anonymity such as Tor and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

If you need to use your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, you won’t evade staying close to their house, the source of the connection. Wi-Fi’s protocol does not allow us to choose the range we want and this makes the work of spies and attackers very easy as they try to find anonymous users. Ben Caudill has come up with a device that will provide a unique layer of online anonymity. It is called ProxyHam, a hardware proxy which will allow user to connect to a Wi-Fi network that is far away from his/ her location. It will make it very difficult for spies to find the real source of the Internet traffic.

ProxyHam is made of a Raspberry Pi computer that has a Wi-Fi card. The Pi computer is connected to three antennas. One is the Wi-Fi antenna that connects to internet at a public space. The other two antennas are used to transmit at 900MHz to communicate and beam data to and from the user. The distance can range between one and 2.5 miles depending on the interference from buildings and the landscape. User will need to plug the 900MHz antenna to his/ her computer’s ethernet port to connect to the ProxyHam.

Since the ProxyHam box is planted far away from the user’s computer, maybe in a public library or cafe, spies can’t find the exact location of the computer. They will only see an IP address which if they fully trace, will lead to the ProxyHam box and not the user’s exact location. It is very hard to track the location of the user’s computer as the Internet signal transmitted back to it is at very low frequency. Other devices such as walkie talkies, cordless phones and baby monitors will crowd the spectrum at this frequency making it an uphill battle for anyone to track down the computer. This way, users are guaranteed of online anonymity.

ProxyHam does not do anything else for the user where identity leak would likely occur. Its work is only to set up and manage online anonymity safely. As such, it should be used together with other safe user practices. As we await Caudill to show case it in August, more features will most likely be added on to ProxyHam to enhance online anonymity. Among the expected additional features is a self-destruct function in case it is found. Another one is an audio system that records and sends the last few seconds before the self-destruction to the user. This will allow user to know who was after him/ her and strategize further on how to achieve more online anonymity. It is also expected that the ProxyHam will in future be designed to camouflage so that it becomes extremely hard for anyone else to notice it. If for instance it was made like a book and thrown into the rarely visited sections of the library, it would take very long for anyone to find it. ProxyHam is thus the prime tool for online anonymity.

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