Where to Apply for eVisa Cambodia: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

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Planning a trip to Cambodia? Knowing where to apply for eVisa Cambodia is the first step in ensuring a smooth journey. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about where to apply for eVisa Cambodia, making your travel preparations effortless.

Understanding Where to Apply for eVisa Cambodia

When considering where to apply for eVisa Cambodia, the official online portal is your go-to destination. The Cambodian government has streamlined the eVisa application process through its official website, making it easy for travelers to apply from the comfort of their homes. By visiting the official eVisa website, you can avoid potential scams and ensure that your application is handled securely and efficiently.

Steps for Applying for eVisa Cambodia

  1. Visit the Official Website: To start your application, navigate to the official Cambodian eVisa website. This is the most reliable place for where to apply for eVisa Cambodia.
  2. Create an Account: Register with your email address to create an account. This step is crucial in tracking your application status.
  3. Fill Out the Application Form: Provide necessary details such as your passport information, travel plans, and personal details. Accuracy is key here, so double-check your entries.
  4. Upload Required Documents: You’ll need a digital passport-sized photo and a scan of your passport’s information page.
  5. Pay the Visa Fee: The processing fee can be paid using various online payment methods. Make sure your payment method is ready when you start your application.
  6. Submit Your Application: Once all details are filled in and documents uploaded, submit your application. You will receive a confirmation email with your application number.

Processing Time and Approval

After you’ve figured out where to apply for eVisa Cambodia and submitted your application, the processing time is generally quick. Most travelers receive their approved eVisa within three business days. However, it’s advisable to apply at least a week before your planned departure to account for any unforeseen delays.

Entry Points Accepting eVisa Cambodia

Knowing where to apply for eVisa Cambodia is half the battle; the other half is understanding where you can enter with this visa. The eVisa is accepted at several major entry points including:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Sihanoukville International Airport
  • Various land border crossings such as Poipet (Thailand) and Bavet (Vietnam)

Benefits of Knowing Where to Apply for eVisa Cambodia

Understanding where to apply for eVisa Cambodia offers numerous benefits:

  • Convenience: Apply from anywhere in the world without needing to visit a Cambodian embassy or consulate.
  • Speed: Faster processing times compared to traditional visa applications.
  • Security: Applying through the official portal ensures your personal information is protected.

Common Questions About Where to Apply for eVisa Cambodia

Can I apply for eVisa Cambodia on arrival?

No, the eVisa must be applied for and approved before you arrive in Cambodia. This is why knowing where to apply for eVisa Cambodia in advance is essential.

What if I made a mistake in my application?

If you realize an error after submission, contact the eVisa support team immediately. They can assist with corrections, but this may delay the processing time.

Is the eVisa valid for multiple entries?

The Cambodian eVisa is typically a single-entry visa, valid for a stay of up to 30 days. For multiple entries, you may need to apply for a different type of visa.


Knowing where to apply for eVisa Cambodia is crucial for a hassle-free travel experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using the official online portal, you can ensure your trip to Cambodia starts on the right foot. Safe travels!