What are the features of start-up travel software solutions?

It is important for the start-up travel company to have really good travel software. We have adopted Global Delivery Model which focuses on agility and cost-effectiveness. The quality of the website should be ensured by leveraging the resources in a collaborative method which acts seamlessly. There are certain features to be adorned by the travel solutions to generate enthusiasm among the users. They are as follows:

How To Start A Travel Agency

International and Domestic Ticket Booking

Travel software developed should be integrated to GDS flight reservation system with the help of API integration. It helps in gathering information on air ticket booking and publishes the details online, in GUI format. This will help in redirecting the booking to the payment gateway and close the booking.

Holiday Packages

International and domestic holiday packages are client-centric as well as CMS driven. It is helpful for the startups to provide customized travel solutions in accordance to the needs and requirements of the clients. Thereby, the clients can initiate bookings at the very next moment after they choose the best travel solutions.

Hotel Reservations

Travel software solution will help the hotels to search from CRS and API, which in turn allows the filtering of the hotels according to pricing. When the booking is done, then it redirects to the payment gateway to process transactions and finish the hotel reservations.

Bus Booking

API and CRS integration of the start-up travel software helps the customer to find the best possible travel solution. It provides the details regarding the travel timings and thereby places the booking with the help of GPS locator services.

Travel software solution


Car software should be integrated to CRS and API to provide the best possible option available for the client in accordance with the location.

Payment Gateway Integration

To enhance the online payments by the customers, the travel software for startups is integrated with Online Payment Gateway. It helps in the online money transfer through credit or debit cards. For global acceptance, the gateway system should be integrated with multiple payment gateway system too.

SMS Gateway Incorporation

SMS API Incorporation helps to send SMS to the client. The SMS will let the customer know whether the booking is confirmed, PNR status and travel timings.

FOREX (Foreign Exchange)

FOREX feature of the startup travel software will help the admin to receive the current currency rate to the foreign currency. This can help the customer to plan the booking in accordance to the least price possible.