What are the travel technology trends of 2016?

When travel industry is booming every day, it is an evident fact that travel technological aspects are adding more value to the business. Mobile marketing is the major switch to be witnessed this year. Though most of the travel companies have already adopted mobile booking system, there are a few travel companies which haven’t adapted to this new trend. This will help the marketers to distinguish their brands from its competitors. Also, it will provide them more opportunities by analyzing the customer profiles. Most of the travel companies in the middle east region was able to grab new businesses due to its’ transition.

Travel Technology Trends

AI, VR and IoT for mobile to enable brand innovation

The technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are used by mobile devices to scale brand innovation. Conversational apps will gain advantage by the advancement of AI and personal assistants supported by voice feature. For ecommerce apps, travel apps and education apps, VR opens opportunities for next gen developments.

Brands are bridging the gap between apps, ecommerce and social media marketing.

Brands are spending 9% of their marketing funds for social media marketing. As per the studies conducted by leading marketing company, the mobile traffic to e-commerce websites has increased from 3% to nearly 37% in the previous years. This is enhanced by the advancement in the mobile app technology and its relevance in the life of the consumers. Only 33% of consumers trust advertisements whereas 90% trust the products recommended by their friends and peers.