Western International College Online (WINC): A revolution in education industry

With the idea of education, we generally get a picture in our minds where the student goes to a school campus and gets regular classes sitting on that bench, focusing on what is written on the board. However, with the advancement of technology, there has been a revolution that has been emerging lately, that is distance learning education.

Western International College Online (WINC) comes up with this idea in order to bring a revolution in the education industry where the aspiring students or the ones who cannot time and money to go for the regular classes can pursue with their choice of course and subjects. The ones who are working and meanwhile pursue another degree can take resort of WINC.

Western International College Online (WINC) was setup in the year 2008 and has gained license by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah via the IDO — Free Trade Zone. The various courses offered here include Foundation courses, Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree courses in association with ace academic allies, spread out globally.

The subjects Western International College offers as degree courses include variety of professional areas, such as:

1. Engineering,
2. Business and
3. Computing

Students belonging to varied academic, economic and social backgrounds can join Western International College in order to earn their respective Foundation, Undergraduate and Post Graduate degrees. This Distance learning education provider also has a campus of its own. The facility has been exclusively build with a purpose to remain at par with the commitments done by WINC for giving the best possible distance education experience for every student under this college. There are academic programme classes held here in the campus.

The WINC Online is an online / distance education extension of Western International College, setup exclusively to offer the potential students with an option of pursuing their degrees without undergoing any compromise on family and work schedules. The degree courses one gets to pursue over here are in alliance with recognized institutions or Universities and the assessments done are on the lines of the standards of the recognized education bodies.

Western International College Online (WINC) is a branch of the KES Group of Institutions, which possesses and runs several Colleges and Universities in the UAE, India as well as Sri Lanka.

For more information about the various courses available at Western International College Online, feel free to visit the official website over here http://www.theonlinecampus.co

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