iPhone user switches to Android Top 5 Pros & Cons

TL;DR I’m not convinced to switch permanently just yet.

I’ve had a iPhone since day dot, marvelled at just scrolling, jailbroken every version up to the 5S. In the interest of having an informed opinion and being slowly seduced at Material Design I took the plunge and got myself a OnePlus One.

Here are my initial thoughts as a long-term iPhone user living with an Android device for one week — my top 5 Pros and Cons.

5 Cons of Android

1. There is no undo?!

On iPhone if you make a mistake, perhaps paste text in the wrong place you just shake the phone and you can undo the last action. This doesn’t exist on Android, I tapped out my first lengthy email and accidently overwrote it with paste and was horrified to learn there’s no undo.

Seasoned Android users said to me “I just don't make mistakes” — cheers guys.

2. The touch screen is less responsive.

The touch screen just feels weird. It’s almost harder to type, I chalked this up to it just being different and me having to get used to it. However I recently found an article to suggest that the touch screen on the majority of Android devices is just slower.

3. No spotlight.

Oh how I miss you spotlight, looking through my entire app draw I actually have to remember where I put them. Was it screen one, screen two. Damn you Google why are you making me remember this stuff?

4. App permissions.

So a standard app like LinkedIn wants to know my call history(!) my contacts and my location just to install it. It feels like App developers are being greedy with their permissions. However this seems to be pretty standard with Android.

It’s not all bad, I've just learnt that Android M will introduce App Permissions. Cyanogen thankfully comes with Privacy Guard, which much bakes much of this in.

5. No TouchID / SmartUnlock

SmartUnlock just doesn't work for me, facial or otherwise. Having to return to entering a PIN or Pattern is an unwelcomed waste-of-life activity that I now have to do again.

5 Pros about Android

1. Material Design is sexy.

It just is, the ripples, the transitions, the lock screen, the cards. All of it feels so natural and looks so consistent.

2. Google Now / “OK Google” is amazing.

I love it. If I let it have my search history and enable “OK Google” everywhere, it becomes a useful newsfeed that I love checking. It’s so much deeper it’s worth it’s weight from the contextual travel information alone.

The voice assistant is infinitely better than Siri, it’s more responsive, accurate and faster — I find myself actually using it regularly.

3. File transfer.

For video and large files this is just better! Transferring video via on iOS via iTunes is painful (unless they're iTunes purchases).

4. Twilight

An alternative to f.lux for my phone finally! This was always my first go-to app once Jailbroken. For someone that reads my phone in bed I like to think this app helps maintain a good sleep pattern by reducing the blue light.

5. Price

The big one that I do need to talk about, for a fraction of the price you're now getting an mobile experience that is a lot smoother than I thought it would be.

Luckily Google have made their core apps I use (Inbox / Chrome) consistent across both platforms.

I’m going to stick with Android a little longer, see how I get on!