Online Dating Tales #3: The Girl Who Didn’t Touch Her Food

On a sunny Saturday, I met The Girl Who Didn’t Touch Her Food for brunch. Initially, I walked past her on the sidewalk because I expected a brunette but she failed to indicate that she’s a blonde now. Would that have been the first red flag?

The positive thing about her was that I had no issues having a conversation with her. Even as we were waiting for a table at this small cafe, we had very easy going conversations. She seemed sweet from all the conversations we had over the week but the second flag (yellow, caution) was that she lived really far from me. For me, it’s always about making that connection and I was a bit guarded with my emotions knowing how far she lived.

So I ordered a full breakfast and she ordered a side of toast, fruit, and coffee. During the meal, she held onto her cup of coffee the entire time. I wasn’t sure if she was scared that I would pry it out of her death grip, but whatever the case was, she only had one piece of fruit and one slice of toast… Wait a second, if you didn’t plan to eat, maybe just order the coffee? Food waste is a big no-no, especially when you could have just ordered just the coffee. 
That was the second red flag and maybe it’s a girl thing, where they can’t eat in front of men? But I haven’t encountered that problem with anyone yet. Or maybe she was super nervous, who knows…

Guess what? I paid for that meal as well. It was nice making a connection albeit it was brief, there was just no real chemistry between us.

Next time on Online Dating Tales… The Girl Who Came Drunk.