The Different Facets of Studying Chemistry During College

Remember those gargling colourful compounds in your university’s chemistry lab? Chemical experiments are real fun, aren’t they? You start with something and end up with getting surprising results — such is the beauty of this subject. Although the rotting smell from those chemical compounds might turn you off as well.

Chemistry is a complete package to learn about the composition, structure, properties and change of state of matter. Surprisingly, we humans are ourselves made up of carbon atoms and our bodies born out of chemical reactions. The term chemistry is coined out from Alchemy which itself is derived from an Arabic word. It has a long history and date back the early Egyptians, Indians, and Babylonians. However, it only became popular when a group of scientists started practising chemistry as a science discipline. This article mainly talks about one of the sub-disciplines of chemistry and ways to enrich your dissertation writing task.

Students who are pursuing master’s in chemistry have to deal with the dissertation writing task as well. The dissertations are usually meant to accommodate all the knowledge that has been gained in the subsequent college sessions. Chemistry dissertations require a lot of experimentation and noting down the observations during the process. Problems occur when students do not understand how to structure the writing piece and often fail to present the observations accurately. The perfect solution to handle these problems is to seek help from dissertation writing services available online. These are affordable, quality-proven and provide guidance from the professional writers who have expertise in their fields.

Organic chemistry incorporates the scientific study of structures, properties and reactions of the compounds that are made up of carbon atoms which are primarily referred as ‘Organic Compounds’. The history of organic chemistry dates back in 1816 when a French chemist named Michel Chevreul started studying about soaps made from various fats and alkalis. However, the subject started gaining popularity with the accidental invention of organic dye by William Henry Perkin.

The organic compounds possess physical properties that have quantitative and qualitative features. The former includes attributes like melting point, boiling point and index of refraction while the latter includes characteristics of odour, colour, solubility and consistency.

Organic compounds are divided into different functional groups which are classified as follows: Aliphatic Compounds, Aromatic Compounds, Heterocyclic Compounds, Polymers, Biomolecules, Fullerenes, and other compounds that contain bonds of nitrogen, oxygen and halogens.

Students who pursue Organic chemistry in their graduate studies should be familiar with the basic concepts of this part of science. Moreover, while writing a chemistry dissertation, they should be well aware of the guidelines provided by their university. Secondly, they should be able to structure the dissertation in a way that each paragraph connects with the next. On the top of that, the conclusions and observations drawn from the experiments should be organised and clearly indicated. Students should go through their assignments while keeping these points in mind as it would surely end up in a strong dissertation.


Organic chemistry is that sub-discipline of chemistry that deals with the reaction between organic compounds. Read this article to know more about this discipline.

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