Medium Exploration

During this week’s group task, we were expected to find out information about how to get noticed on certain social media sites and to also find out the taxonomy and folksonomy of these sites. My group work consisted of finding out information about Medium. Which, overall was successful and manageable by the use of certain tools and websites which were available.

One of the first tasks we did was to create a board on Pinterest and collaborated it with the two other people in my group. To collaborate other people, we had to use one account and add people through there. However we discovered that it would make it easier to find people if you are already following them. The image below shows the process you take when you want to collaborate others to your board. Not only does it allow you to add account holders of Pinterest but it also allows you to add users of Facebook, Twitter etc.

Our board on Pinterest consisted of finding out websites or links which we found relevant to the task which was set. To make this easier for us, we downloaded the Plugin on Chrome which would save a button onto our browser which therefore allows us to access other websites which were useful, press this Pinterest button and it would place a pop-up onto our screens to give us the option of which board we want to save this website to, it would also give us the option of what image we wanted to use as the cover of the website so that it would look more appealing to other users.

However, the first time we tried to do this, we wanted to save a link onto our board for our first post but it would not let us. But after playing around we discovered that you need to save a website which has an actual image before you can save other pins so that you could upload links which don’t have images.

We also used Chrome as a browser for finding out more information about Taxonomy and Folksonomy. Once doing this, as our social media site that we needed to focus on was Medium, we created our own blog as a group on Medium and discussed what we had found out. Also in this blog, we used the Snipping Tool to screenshot specific parts which we had identified as the Taxonomy and the Folksonomy of Media. After doing so, we shared our blog on Twitter.