Reflecting on my last blog post.

In this blog post I’m going to be doing a reflection of my most recent blog post called ‘How to get noticed on Pinterest’ and how I found all the content used in the blog.

My most recent blog post.

So firstly for the blog I needed to know more information about Taxonomies and Folksonomies. I turned to my good old friend google for this which brought up the definition instantly. I found looking at examples of the two in the images search, more helpful than the actual definition that google provided me with.

Once me and my team had got a real understanding of the two terms we then took to Pinterest as a place that we could share all our sources under one board. We called this ‘Taxonomies and Folksonomies.’ By creating this board it meant we could search for information we felt was useful on google or any search engine, and then once we found the appropriate website we’d make a pin of our own on the board. When either of us clicked on this pin it directed you straight to the website.

The way I found the pin’s that I pinned to the board were simply through searching on google. I typed in things like ‘How to get found on Pinterest’ and ‘How to become Pinterest famous.’ This instantly brought up many websites, some with tips. This then began to paint a picture to me of what the taxonomies and folksonomies of Pinterest were. I didn’t find many useful websites surprisingly but the ones I found really useful are the ones pinned to the board.

What the finished board looks like. Not completely full, but all completely useful!

I found the board useful to an extent. It was useful because it meant that all our ideas were easily accessible from anyone in the group and were quick and easy to get to. The only thing I found less useful about using Pinterest to store all of our information is that it only lets you pin the entire website. This means if only one paragraph or part of the website page is useful for the task, then time is wasted scrolling to find the useful information. Instead I think if we had an empty document for example, that we could copy and paste parts of the different websites that we found useful onto one page then it may have been a lot quicker.

As we began writing the blog, we kept referring back to our board and its pinned websites on one computer, whilst writing the blog on another. Having multiple computers was extremely useful as it meant we could interpret our ideas from the website into a written form almost instantly without having to flick back and forth to a website. Lastly, we decided we couldn’t have a blog post without any pictures, what fun is that?
So we used the snipping tool to snip certain parts of the Pinterest website that we felt helped to show our readers what we meant in a picture form as well as written to make it easier for them. The snipping tool is extremely easy and I certainly found it very useful when writing the blog.

The helpful snipping tool.