Custom Outdoor Flags — Light As A Feather

Custom outdoor flags are made using hundred percent Dernier Nylon Flag bunting that can be sewn or printed. Custom outdoor flags are using the single reverse construction and can also be made in the single or double sided. An outdoor flag has a hem that is three- eighth inch in measurement on the top and bottom and one-inch flat hem.

Custom outdoor flags are just about everywhere. They are posted in front of parking garages, supermarkets, in front of car dealers, art galleries and universities. Custom Outdoor Flags are slim and attractive and are designed to stand out in an unattractive way As it is light weight they will flutter beautifully in the breeze. These flags are perfect for business purposes which are short on advertising space and still need to get their brand name recognised. At any outdoor sporting function, the crowd will be pleased to look around and see the flags fluttering in the breeze.

Custom outdoor flags does what a custom banner would do. These feather or tear drop small flags can easily be noticed miles away. They are excellent for small locations where space is limited, and the traffic is heavy. A small but efficient flag is large enough to contain all the information that is needed and can even include a picture of the product. The point is to make the flag the focal point and is noticeable to the potential user, and it is ready to serve and entertains.

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