How To Get Chicken Dinners on PUBG Mobile

Mar 18 · 14 min read


If you’re just getting into PUBG on mobile, a regular player or even a veteran looking for new tips, you’ve found the right place. I’ll be sharing the tips, tricks and techniques that have bagged me regular chicken dinners. This might read long but I’m just being thorough and making sure I cover as much parts of my process as possible.

I play in Third Person Perspective(TTP) — specifying because the recent update now allows First Person Perspective(FPP). I usually play in teams (Duos or Squads). Everything shared here still applies if you’re playing Solo.

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Once in the lobby, the ever-present obnoxious teammates don’t waste a second announcing themselves. Find and mute them immediately. It’s usually yelling in a foreign language or a constant thump that I mistake for gunshots or footsteps. The new update allows you to mute individual team members. Exercise that privilege, you need your ears.

Sound is Important

Lots of players advice playing with headphones as it helps with sounds plus PUBG really has fantastic sound design. When playing with headphones, an audio effect called panning can tell you the location of another player. You might hear footsteps in the left or right ear only.

Instead of headphones, you could turn up the volume on your phone speakers to a comfortable level. I’ve won games by hearing the other players’ footsteps before spotting them. Crouching, moving without shoes and not moving unnecessarily are ways you can stay quiet. Watch for the indicator that pops up on the mini-map when someone’s very close to you — shows up as orange footsteps. Keep both your eyes and ears peeled. Sometimes you see first, other times you hear first.

Following Other Players

Whenever I play squads I accept invitations to jump together when I get one, especially when others do so too. It’s good when everyone lands together. However do exercise caution when following another player. Drag the eye tool around to see other players sky-diving around you to make sure other players aren’t landing too close.

If you find yourself following someone who’s diving straight for a location you don’t like, (I avoid the School on the Erangel map — like Tilted in Fortnite) give a heads up with the “Enemies ahead!” quick-chat, unfollow and move as far away as possible. Also unfollow if you spot players landing too close for comfort or reaching your landing site before your team does. Give a heads up before unfollowing in case other squad mates don’t notice.

I always unfollow when the squad is heading towards a group of buildings and head for one of them so as to not struggle for weapons and resources when everyone inevitably heads into the same building.

Looting & Getting Weapons

Move fast once on the ground, getting a weapon is a top priority. Grab whatever you find and use it — shotguns, crossbows, anything to give yourself a fighting chance. Tear through buildings quickly picking what you need and discarding what you don’t. Level 1 backpacks(the most common) don’t hold much.

Go through windows if you prefer leaving doors closed so other players aren’t aware of your presence. I sometimes enter through windows but leave doors open when I use them to deter players from approaching by signalling someone’s inside or that it’s been looted. Close doors if in a large building to know when someone enters.

Auto-picking helps a lot with picking up the right attachments and ammo for your weapon and automatically equipping them. It’s fast enough if you’re alone but if you and a teammate are looting a dead players crate or just looting together, tap on items to grab them faster.

Keep in mind all the resources and weapons you need and keep searching till you find them. Mine is a Level 2 backpack, military helmet, Level 3 vest, an M16 and all it’s attachments — angled foregrip, suppressors, 4x or 8x scope, and an extended mag. Grab a couple smoke, stun and frag grenades too.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Explore and find the weapon that works for you, be it an assault rifle or an SMG. I’ve got a friend who handles guns with heavy recoil well but I can’t. I shoot in full-auto or burst mode but not for more than a second or two due to recoil. Shoot in short accurate, effective bursts that you can control.

The new update comes with an armory that shows the stats on every weapon in the game. You can also check the effectiveness of different attachments such as scopes, extended mags, stocks and muzzles. The short description for every weapon comes in handy too.

An M16(not to be confused with the M16A4) is my weapon of choice. Easy to handle, packs a punch and works with lots of attachments. Study your favorite weapon in the armory to know what attachments to look out for. I found the angled foregrip helps counter recoil better than the vertical foregrip. They both help with recoil on the M16 but I’m always on the lookout for one more than other. Gather the attachments and ammo your favorite weapon uses before you even get the weapon. That way, everything is automatically fitted and the weapon is ready for use to it’s full potential when you do get it.

Get as many attachments as possible so you can swap them out depending on the situation. I swap scopes on the M16 to a holographic or 2x for close-range shots and use the 4x or 8x scopes for long-range shots. Aim down your sights using your scope no matter how close an enemy is for better accuracy and to deal more damage.


I relied on throwables a lot when I first started because when playing FPS games like COD, I used them during firefights. Not a good idea on PUBG mobile. I’d always get knocked out before the ‘nade even left my hand. Throwables are something you should have just so you won’t need them. Employ them tactically to flush someone out or cloak yourself while retreating or reviving a teammate — be careful because people can still blind-fire through the smoke and hit you.

I played a game recently where it was down to me, a teammate and two other guys(a team) perched on the roof of a building. Climbing the stairs to confront them would’ve been a bad idea. Using a grenade to try knocking them out or at least getting them down would’ve been a better one. Remember that most players have automatic weapons and can end you before that ‘nade leaves your hand — especially if you’re caught off guard. Use a grenade only if you have good cover, else rely on your rifle.

I switched to a grenade and took a couple rounds before immediately switching back to my M16 to kill both players.

Traversing the Map

Survival, not your number of kills is the most important thing in PUBG. I play a very reactive non-confrontational kind of game — camping sometimes especially when playing solo which is ok especially when you have all you need already. Take up a position on a roof or by a window and engage any player that comes by.

I’m averse to seeking out confrontations, except when it’s down to five or ten players. You’re on an island with 99 people out to kill you. Survival is much more important than going on a murderous rampage. You’re free to kill anyone you run into that wants to kill you, but don’t seek out players.

Keep your eyes on the maps to figure out the proximity of shots to your position. The mini-map lights up with an indicator(orange-colored rounds) revealing the location of someone shooting without a muzzle. Try not to accidentally shoot without one and reveal your position. If you do, move away quickly from your current position. If the orange-colored rounds on the mini-map are a bit faded, it’s happening a good distance away and you might not be able to see it. You can also use the white v-shaped light attached to your location icon on the map. It indicates your visual range so if the orange bullets are beyond it, chances are you won’t be able to see the firefight or the shooter.

Most important advice when traversing the map is to always check your six — I’ve surprised lots of players running up on my six. Use the eye tool when sprinting or moving to look around checking your back and your flanks. Don’t forget about looking ahead so you don’t sprint into a headshot. Don’t always count on your teammates to watch your back. I’ve been moving with teammates when someone was running up behind us and was the only one who noticed.

During heavy firefights that are sure to draw attention, stay aware of your environment. The sound of shots attracts other players so I usually watch the backs of my teammates when they’re engaging a player or have knocked them out. You don’t have to wait two hours before looting before you head for a dead players crate, just be cautious. If you’re playing squads, their teammates or someone else could surprise you easily.

Watch out for the safe zone and the blue zone. Not a good way to die and even in a vehicle(which are usually along roads), you can’t outrun the blue zone if you didn’t get a head start. It gets powerful as the game goes on so you can’t last for long outside the second or third one. Stop to heal when outside the safe zone and do it early because your health keeps dropping as you apply a health kit.

Keep an eye both zones and the warnings that pop up. I’ve gotten carried away during a firefight or looting. If the blue zone is moving, stop whatever you’re doing and get moving. Unequip your weapon to run faster if on foot. Forget about killing anyone who isn’t an immediate threat to you — even then keep running as bullets whiz by you. The blue zone can easily kill them for you. Choose your battles.

Engaging Targets

I don’t kill people without a good reason to — saves ammo and doesn’t reveal my location and invite attention. Say I spot someone sprinting a couple hundred meters ahead, if they don’t notice me or move towards my position, I probably wouldn’t engage. Times I do engage are when enemies are close and haven’t noticed me and obviously when I’m being shot at. I sometimes ignore someone passing a building I’m camping in(as tempting as it is). Only go out of your way to kill someone if you need resources. You don’t need to drop 50 players to win. I’ve won a game with literally zero kills(blue zone killed the last guy).

When I get into a firefight with an enemy, I put as much distance as possible between us. I have a scope so I can do this effectively. Aim for the head and back away slowly in a crouched position firing in short bursts and never being still. You get an accuracy advantage with a good scope even as you back away and a crouched position gives the enemy a smaller attack surface. Firing without a scope or least aiming down your sights decreases accuracy and scores less damage due to the distance so it takes more shots to kill an enemy. Moving back while shooting helps a lot especially if you have a scoped weapon and your attacker doesn’t. Crouch immediately after getting hit — it offers you some time to locate and engage the shooter while they adjust their aim.

Take cover when you can. This isn’t the American civil war where you have soldiers on both sides lined up a few feet away firing muskets and canons at each other. Nobody fights like that anymore. I’m usually posted up behind something — trees, vehicles or buildings. Especially in the final stages where there’s less than 10 players.

Move swiftly if in the open never staying still. Crouch and move quickly or stand and sprint. If you can’t afford to take cover when you’re being engaged, down your opponent quickly using the technique above — good time to mention that the technique benefits from you having body armor, head protection and a full health(use painkillers and energy drinks). Affords you those extra few seconds to detect where you’re taking shots from. Taking cover behind trees helps in detecting where a shot is coming from. A tree is cylindrical so if I’m hit I circle around till I find out where the shots are coming from while having ample protection.

Use the mini-map to figure out you’re taking fire from or duck and whip around you really fast with your right thumb using your left to back away(depending on your controls layout) to find the shooter. It’s important to do this even before retreating so you don’t run straight into the shooters rifle.

When getting shot at, either engage and down your attacker or run, preferably for a cover in a haphazard or zig-zag pattern and heal if you’re injured. Never and I repeat, never ever lie down. Lots of players do this. Unfortunately, stop, drop and roll(as I like to call it) or going prone doesn’t work. I usually have a scoped(4x or 8x) M16 so I have a very clear sight of my target from a distance. If I engage a target and they go prone, even in shrubs or tall grasses, I could still see them clearly and even if they don’t move, I could still shoot blindly and knock them out. Going prone doesn’t make you suddenly invisible, only less nimble.

Another way to invite rounds into your body is running in a straight line with your back towards the shooter. Not pretending to be a PUBG athlete or anything(still have trouble hitting running targets without concentrating) but you have a better chance of dodging bullets if you don’t run in a straight line.

Retreating & Being a Good Squad Mate

Practice retreating. It’s not a sign of weakness or defeat. The best armies retreat to fight another day or to gain a strategic advantage. Do help teammates when they’re knocked out if you’re close or can get to them before they run out of health but also understand when you need to run away — such as when your area is too hot. I avoid hot areas like the plague — constantly spamming “Let’s go!” or “Get in the car!” to my squad-mates. Played a game recently where my teammate and I went for a loot box in a jeep and I got knocked out. He’s reviving me and five seconds left, I tap “Get in the car!” or “Let’s go!” in the quick chat. I get in, honk the horn till he gets in and we sped off while bullets ricocheted off the car.

Play like a real squad with teammates. Even without voice chats, I play with random squad mates very well. If we land in different areas, I get all I need and move to the nearest squad mate or pick everyone up with a vehicle. You have a better chance of winning when the squad is together. Drop a med kit if a squad mate just survived a brutal firefight and share resources. The goal is to win and you have a better chance with the squad alive and strapped up.

Baiting & Seizing Opportunities

Bait other players using the crate of a player you just killed or by purposefully revealing your location if you’re playing with a team while another teammate lies in wait. This can be a good tactic to draw out the final players. I was in a game where a teammate got disconnected so his body was frozen in place. Luckily, this happened in the safe zone with three players left. Him, myself and an enemy. Instead of taking a position beside or close to him, I did the opposite and set up over-watch in a tower far away from him knowing without a doubt that the last player would approach him and sure enough I got an easy chicken dinner.

Vehicular Combat

Apart from a ruined paint job, you’re better off driving away rather than confronting or trying to run over someone shooting your vehicle. You’d be surprised how easy being knocked out is when in a moving vehicle. Vehicles provide much more protection when you’re ducked beside one than riding in one. Plus the new update now allows tire damage from bullets which can render your vehicle immobile. Probably also shouldn’t stick your head out of the car for any reason — you’re easier to hit and knock out.

If I’m driving and getting shot at, confronting the shooter entails parking the car horizontally — making sure to keep a good distance between myself and the shooter. I exit the vehicle crouching by the drivers side close to it for making an easy getaway in case I’ve unfortunately ran into John Wick. If I’m lucky not to, I engage having the benefit of cover, distance and a getaway vehicle.

Going for Loot Boxes

Loot box drop sites are usually one of the hottest sites in the game. There’s lots of players going for them and the most evil of us(I’m guilty of this) set up sniper positions and down anyone heading for or at the site of a loot box. It’s an easy way to bag kills, especially headshots as players can stay stationary while looting. Which is why I would advice heading for a loot box in a vehicle, going on foot can be suicide. Park your vehicle on one side of the loot box and sandwich yourself between the loot box and your vehicle(this way you have cover on two sides). Loot quickly and if it’s gets too hot, don’t engage. Get in your vehicle and escape probably driving haphazardly too. Like I said…snipers.

Final Stages(less than 10 players left)

You need to be much more careful and alert than you’ve been throughout the game. Move slowly and purposefully using the eye tool to check your six and flanks. If you’re posted up behind a tree, minimize unnecessary movements because of noise. If you’re prone and using the tall grasses as cover, move slowly as movement can be detected especially if a player doesn’t blend in well. Crawl slowly taking pauses every few crawls to look around. Don’t continuously slither around even with a ghillie suit.

Everything in the Engaging Targets section still applies except now you have to be pro-active. Head towards the location of gunshots and firefights, it saves you from waiting and having to look for the other players. You can surprise them before they surprise you with a VSS round to the head. Most of my wins have been due to spotting the other player first. Be quiet and patient, always moving into the safe zone cautiously. You can’t afford getting damage from the blue zone and having to heal yourself — it’s a distraction and bandages can be noisy. If you’re propped up in the safe zone before the blue zone starts moving you can monitor the boundaries and take out people just moving in.

Don’t be afraid to use throwables to flush out players but I’d strongly suggest sticking to an automatic weapon. Using a throwable reveals your location and is often ineffective plus you’d making yourself a bullet magnet. Depending on your rank and level in the game, the final five or ten players are usually hardcore. Your best chance of winning is to spot other players first but if you do get spotted first, take cover and if you can’t, don’t panic. Aim for headshots and move around a lot so you’re harder to hit. You’ve seen Fortnite players haven’t you?


PUBG can require sustaining a level of awareness and intense focus for 30 or more minutes but what helps most is playing a lot — that’s how you get better and develop your own tactics, hone skills and techniques, find what weapon works for you and develop a unique combat style. I hope you find this useful in your pursuit for victory. Bring home that chicken dinner!

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