How to Writing Fantasy Novel For Book Publishing?

As an author it is your responsibility to know the genre of at least your novel well. Writing a novel becomes quite easy if you have good knowledge about the genre of your novel. With the knowledge of genre you can decide well what all to add and what to eliminate from the story in order to make it better. You might have seen reviews of, say a science fiction, saying that this is not a science fiction. This is because author mix two genres together when he do not have sufficient knowledge about genres. Here, in this article we will talk about fantasy novel genre. Let us see it’s key point and understand what really a fantasy novel is.

What is a fantasy novel? Fantasy is a genre which uses magic or any other supernatural element as main plot. Many authors make stories that tell about another world where supernatural powers and magic’s are common. Science fiction, fantasy and horror are sub-genre of speculative fiction. Therefore, all three are closely related and often misunderstood as same. Some authors who don’t have deep knowledge about the divisions of genre may overlap these three.

Range of fantasy novel- Predominantly, genre of fantasy is of medievalist form. However, in a broader sense fantasy includes works of many authors, filmmakers, artists and musicians of ancient legends and myths to many popular recent works. Work of fantasy novel ranges from structuralises theory that emphasizes mainly on luminal space to work on the medievalism connections and popular culture.

Sub-genres of fantasy- Characterized by numerous themes, fantasy can be divided into further sub-genre. Some of them are Bangsian fantasy; it is interaction with the famous historic figures in the afterlife. Comic fantasy, it is a part which has a different tone of writing. It contains humour and widely written for kids. Dark fantasy includes an element of horror but is different from horror novels. Fairy tales, this doesn’t need any description as all the fairy’s and dolls that exist today are outcome of fairy tales. Every girl wants to marry a prince charming because of fairy tales.

Writing a fantasy novel- Every genre has a way to write it. In order to justify your genre, you must follow these writing tips. Though there is no particular rule for it and author can violate them freely but those who follow get best results. Fantasy story stays in fictional world or universe. Depending upon what is message and theme of your story, first few chapters should describe the world of your novel. Description of time frame is equally important as well.

Print on Demand in India or online book publishers and even the self publishers take up those novels which not only have a good story and editing but also those who do just with their genre.

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